Fair Hair Care

12:50 AM

Why fair? Because it's so cheap!
Today was my last day of Golden Week vacation.

Designated as "Day of Children", I spent it watching youngsters fly kites and starting a new yoga class.


Anyway, most of you in Japan will have haemorrhaged money in the Golden Week sales, so here is another budget beauty tip.

Another great buy from the 100 yen shop: circular shampoo brushes.

You get two for the price of one, so Mr Miruku is in luck!

I was initially baffled by these brushes.

The directions suggest that you use them to massage shampoo into your hair.

Although my hair is not particularly thick, this technique was impossible.

Any attempt at a circular motion resulted in my hair getting all tangled and knotted.

It was however, very relaxing - like a little massage brush. So I was determined to find a way to use it.

I use a hair treatment once or twice a week and I'm quite careful about spreading it evenly.

Today I used this brush like a comb, carefully parting the strands of my hair.

It worked like a charm, gently scratching my scalp and covering all of my hair with the treatment.

The design is also very clever.

The brush is sold with a yellow/blue piece sticking out from the bristles.

This way it takes up very little room in the packaging.

The yellow plug should be pulled out and inserted in the reverse side.

This gives it a handy grip to place between your fingers.

Before I came to Japan, I was disdainful of cheap beauty products.

In my mind, price equated to quality.

Yet again, Japanese 100 yen stores have proved me wrong.

But can any other country match their stock?

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  1. Interesting point. I've seen this at my local Japanese store but always assumed it'd just leave me with loads of tangles. So I've stayed away. However I like your idea of using it like a comb to distribute hair treatment. :)

  2. No, I have not hemorrhaged enough money at all! I have like the opposite of buyer's remorse, I regret all the things I didn't buy haha TT

    I have these exact same brushes! I use them nearly everyday, I hope they prevent me from going bald in the future haha.

  3. Shop N' Chomp - Well, if it's at all expensive I wouldn't bother getting it. It's great but not THAT great! If it's cheap there's nothing to lose though!

  4. さらまり - WHAT?!?! I'm so disappointed in you! Get out there and spend more money! You can't come to Japan that often so you should make the most of it. If you work hard in college all year then you deserve to treat yourself afterwards. Don't have any regrets!

  5. i would like to buy that for my husband...I'm sure he'll love it!

  6. mr. pineapple man - I'm sure he will love it! I hope you can find it!

  7. I bought that in Japan a while back too! It does help with your scalp especially doing the hot oil treatment once a week. I found it on Women Beauty about using "Mix 1 tsp honey with 2 Tbsp olive oil, then beat in 1 egg yolk. Massage on hair in small sections. Wrap head with shower cap for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo" ( ^_^ Try it! I've been doing this a month and my hair is softer, fuller, and longer!

  8. That sounds messy and gross...but fun! Perfect for a girls night in I think. I've heard that egg is good for your hair but I'm a little unsure about taking the plunge. I might give it a go though, thanks for the advice!

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