Snap Happy

12:50 AM

Snap very very very happy!

Is this not the most beautiful camera that you've ever seen?

It's the new Sony DSC-W350D and it's mine, mine mine!

This camera was released in April this year and (as far as I know) is only available in Japan.

It has lots of fancy features, but the most important thing is that it's pink and diamond encrusted!

I also got the matching case to go with it, which is equally gorgeous.

This camera has twice the pixel-thingies of my old one, so hopefully the standard of images on Milk Tea will improve.

It wont happen all at once though, because I have a lot of posts pending for you all!

I will use it tomorrow though, to show you my new acquisitions from Lip Service and g.u. (sigh, it was an expensive day!).

Now please sit back and enjoy the unveiling of the new camera!

The bag of goodies from Yodobashi Camera.

What's inside the box?

Quite a lot of stuff actually!


It's a pearly pink colour with delicate detail at the corners.

Here you can make out the diamonds. The ring around the lens is coated in something pearly also.

Nice big screen to photograph ikemen through!

The matching case.

The case is harder to photo, but the outside is like satin.

The metal edge has the same pattern as the camera and one large pink diamond.

You can see how small the camera and case are from this shot.

The elegant suede inside of the case.

The full set: a good investment and worth every penny.

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  1. I just wanted to say how adorable your blog is, Miruku!! <3 (^____^)

  2. Oh that is just the cutest camera I've ever seen! Your blog is very sweet ^_^

  3. octopusgirl - Waaaaa, thank you! I've just started blogging so comments like yours are really appreciated! I tried to visit your blog but the address just threw up a blank page????

  4. Violet LeBeax - Thank you! I really love your blog. I'm honoured that you would visit mine!

  5. Wow, I love that camera! 14 MP is so amazing too, in the UK, we only have 12 at the moment!

  6. Really? Well, I'm sure Sony will release something like this in Europe soon. My old camera was 7MP, so it's like having super vision now!

  7. Yeah, I see that even mobile phones have amazing megapixel action! Quite impressed!

    Also...thanks for your comment, I wish we had more Shiseido in the UK, I only ever buy Shiseido when in Hong Kong! Are you originally from the UK then if you count River Island as a shop from home? :)

  8. My Japanese phone has 10 MP, so even that's better than my old camera! The tech here is just ridiculous!

    I'm not sure how much Shiseido is available where you live, but I always found Shiseido make-up counters in department stores. Not the best selection, but they'd have lipstick at least!

    I'm not from the UK...but close! That's all I'm saying for now, gotta keep up my air of mystery a little while longer ;)

  9. Yes definitely, the technology is so far advanced, I love it.

    Yeah only one department store has Shiseido near me, but it's only the tiniest selection- just a few basics. Nothing compared to the big counters in Asia with the Macquilliage selection!

    Oooh. I totally understand the mystery blogger vibe :) No worries.

  10. Well, if you're lucky enough to go to Hong Kong often, at least you could pick up stuff then. I really want to go to Hong Kong, but it's a matter of getting time off work when flights are cheap -__-

  11. do you think is good to buy a camera in japan when you are not living there? because its cheaper and its not the problem to understand the handeling of the camera.. just when its get broken xD... ... so would you do it? i am not sure X_X

    i think i will maybe do it because.. i bought a mobile phone in hong kong and it still works good and i have it now for around 5 years... -.- so hard xD

  12. Well, the problems with buying a camera in Japan are: 1) you can't go back to the shop or contact the company easily if you have a problem, 2) the electricity in Japan might be different to your home, so it's hard to charge the camera.

    Also, I don't think electronics are very cheap in Japan. But there are many more choices of electronics, so if you see something that you like I think you should get it. If you can understand how to use the camera, it's ok!