Mona Lisa

12:50 AM

Silly pun, pretty purchases.

I don't shop in Liz Lisa that often because I think it's over-priced and over-floral.

When I first came to Japan I adored the brand but living here hardens you towards "OMG KAWAII", so it lost it's sheen.

That's not to say that I don't like some of their pieces, but I don't think it's a brand that plays well with others.

Therefore you need to buy a lot of pieces to make it work.

However, last week they had an accessories sale, so I indulged.

They have special shopping bags at the moment, your choice of blue or pink.

Unbelievably lovely, I'm going to carry it everywhere!

Usamimi, reduced to 2000yen.

I might end up regretting this, but I couldn't resist.

I haven't worn them (it?) yet because I keep chickening out!

I'm planning on twisting the bow to the side because it's a little less flashy...I think.

The lace is so cute.

Next up...

A floral bangle, also 2000yen.

This isn't too crazy, considering it's Liz Lisa.

Do I leave this on or take it off? I'm pretty sure I want to take it off!


The Summer collection, I'll post images soon.

By the way, big thanks to Hana at Finding Tokyo for making me her Blog of the Week.

Because of that I've hit 49 followers.

When I reach 50 I'll do a giveaway <3

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I'm also not a big fan of Liz Lisa, but if I had the chance to go to a sale, why not? I'm such a bargain shopper, always looking for cheap and good looking pieces :-)

    Looking forward to your giveaway!

  2. Definitely loving floral detailing. I hope it doesn't go out of trend for a few years.

  3. Aww I love everything you got!
    Well, I do love liz lisa (more every day XD)
    Bunny ears made of lace! Definetely in love <3
    And the bangle is adorable, I'm really into the floral trend. I don't mind wearing flowers everywhere! haha
    I'd take the heart chain away too, not a fan of hanging things.

    Yaaaay giveaway! It would be too cool if I was the one winning! haha

  4. love the bangle! If it's on a bargain why not, right? :D I don't like the flowery clothes of Liz Lisa's not so much, and I haven't seen to much of their other collections so :)

  5. I like the items you got! I agree with you about Liz Lisa, I love the brand but it's so pricy and it would probably be hard to mix with the rest of me clothes~

  6. Yeah the super sweet floral style is not for me, but if it's a sale then all goes! Hehe^^ I love the items you picked, especially the usa mi mi!

    You have 51 followers now! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your giveaway XD

  7. lovely blog you have here!
    your new follower ;)

  8. Thanh Thao - I agree, when you see that something is on sale it really makes you reevaluate it!

  9. Therese Jane - yeah, if handled correctly it can be so beautiful. But somehow Liz Lisa shops are overpowering!

  10. Sasa - It would be amazing if you won my giveaway, haha! I need to get stuff for it first though.

  11. Riechan - I love bargains! They make me so happy, I think it's the best shopping experience!

  12. Shmuberry - Not only is the price too much, but EVERYWHERE is doing floral now so LL doesn't really have an edge :/

  13. Sandra - If it comes in pink - That's what I'm leaning towards at the moment. I'll try it anyway!

  14. さらまり - I'm not comfortable wearing the usamimi yet though, but everyone stares anyway so I shouldn't worry I suppose! I'm feeling the pressure now for the giveaway, my blogging reputation rests on this!

  15. Dolce♥Bunny - Welcome! I checked out your blog too, very cute! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on it :)