Shibuya Gal 10/04/15: Pick Up

12:50 AM

It's Friday - yay!

Unfortunately I have to work this weekend in order to take my midweek holiday next week.

Oh well, I like my job so I can't complain.

This post contains the highlights from Don Quixote's free Shibuya Gal magazine.

I previously introduced you to the models and here you can check out clothes, hair styles, lenses and street snaps.

I wont make too many comments because I think you guys know the trends as well as I do.

And I want to watch South Africa vs Mexico at the same time, haha!

Let's start with a feature on DQ's Tokyo Cover Girl range:

For just under 4000yen you can get a 3-piece set that imitates looks by other high profile brands.

It's an interesting concept.

However, having examined them in the shop I think the pieces are of too poor a quality to interest me.

I'm no label snob but you get what you pay for and I don't want to pay for cheap fabric and bad stitching.

They look good in pictures though and it's a good way to check out hot coordinates.

I think I like the fringed belt look the best.

Next up is a feature on spring trends.

Both: inner - Uniqlo, outer/bottom - EMODA

Cap - one way, Jacket - Zara, T-shirt - one spo, Skirt - CECIL McBEE

Jacket: FREE'S  MART, Inner - dazzlin, Shorts - SLY, Headband - H&M

(L) Jacket - sneep dip, One piece - SPIGA. (R) Jacket- CECIL McBEE, One piece - one way

Next up, a bizarre feature on doing a gal-style wedding (why???)

Next, hairstyles. Unfortunately they didn't give tutorials but the pictures are helpful. I like the short styles, a little bit more unusual than the usual long curls.

Close-up of the braid in her hair:

Next, colour contacts:

Finally, my favourite - street snaps!

These pictures didn't really push any boundaries, but maybe it's a more accurate portrayal of what most girls are really wearing.

And that's it folks!

Mexico have just equalised, so I'm a happy girl.

I'd be happier if I could have scanned these pages instead of just taking photos.

Well, they'll have to do.

I'm a little tired of the Spring trends now so I hope the next issue comes out soon!

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  1. Lol, I'm watching the World Cup as we speak! Who are you roting for ??

  2. Cute magazie,street snaps are always my fave bits of mags:)

  3. Lovely scans or rather fotos, thanks for them!

    What do you work for, if I may ask?

  4. Thanks for sharing! I really like a lot of those coordinates!

  5. Adorable magazines, thanks for the photos!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to take all these photos and sharing them on you blog. I had a great time looking at them. The street snaps were my favorite I think!

  7. What a fun magazine! For a free mag, it sure has a lot of great features. =) Usually, the free mags we get here kinda suck. =\ I can't say that I've ever seen what a gal-style wedding looks like so thank you for sharing!

  8. Bianca - I'm an Arsenal fan so I'll cheer for any team with a Arsenal player in it. I'll also cheer for any team who plays against England (except USA). Also, I got Argentina in a sweepstakes so if the win I get a lot of money - fingers crossed!

  9. Alanna - Me too! I love seeing what other non-model girls are wearing!

  10. Thanh Thao - I'll send you a message ;)

  11. Rii - me too! It makes me want to go shopping, haha!

  12. さらまり - Don't worry, it didn't take too much time. I'm too lazy!

  13. Shop N' Chomp - Yeah, every time I turned the page I was pleasantly surprised! I don't think I'd go for the gal-wedding, but it was interesting to see.

  14. oh the hair, the outfit, all too lovely <3

  15. Saving Capulet - Yep, it makes us want everything!

  16. I had never paid attention to the free SHibuya Gyaru magazine from ドンキ. So thanks for showing us that and there are many cute things there.^^

  17. Sakie and Thomas Gantz - Well, I pay attention to anything free! Maybe you can enjoy the next issue!