The Best Thing About A Japanese Boyfriend...

12:50 AM the natural ability to be amazing at crane games!

One of my favourite "dates" is to go to a game centre.

Crane games, video games and purikura - it's a pretty cheap night and so much fun.

I went with Mr Miruku on Tuesday night and he happens to be really good at winning prizes.

Once he wins, he's satisfied - so I get to keep everything and request what he tries to get.


Here's our haul from this week:

Giant sailor alpaca teddy.

His outfit is so cute!

Absolutely huuuge!

I call him Sanchez because my boyfriend calls everything Sanchez!

Limited edition Hello Kitty MP3 player.

I can't believe we got this, I was going to buy a small player for running etc.

Not the best tech ever, but good enough!

How pretty!

Huge tube of Black Thunder, my favourite chocolate! :)

I kind of won this one. I controlled the claw while Mr M told me when to change direction/grab. Teamwork!


Compared to a normal Black Thunder.

Inside was a big bag of bars, yay!

After all that I beat him at Mario Kart, so it was a night of pure win!

Today I finally caught up on all the blogs I missed last week.

I didn't comment much because there were so many to get through, but I really enjoyed them.

I'd like to thank the people who nominated me for awards, you guys are so sweet! <3

I'm not going to pass them on now because the moment has gone, but I really appreciated it.

I was surprised to get mentions from people who don't leave comments here.

It's good to know that you enjoy reading anyway :)

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  1. Whoa, Sanchez is huge! The hubs and I went crazy at the UFO Catcher games when we were in Tokyo. Good times.

  2. I love Ufo Catcher, too, and believe it or not, I am quite succesful! :-)) I guess it is because I don't have a bf, but rather have to do it alone for myself, hahahaha! Yay, for catching cute plushies! :-)

  3. Have I just been dating the defective guys? because all my Japanese bfs sucked at UFO catchers...

    Dang!! I want one of those alpaca SOO bad!! I couldn't even get one of the small ones, let alone a huge one like that TT I just think they are so cute...

  4. wow! I guess I should had lucky to the list of qualities my boyfriend should have... I never win anything XD

    and I've never seen such a cute plushie!!

  5. He must have some major skills!! The alpaca is sooo cute!!

  6. ITS SOOO CUUTE! Win me one! I want it!!!! His little outfit is so cute, I hate crane games here, they are full of shrek toys DX...

    chocolate thunder...thats a funny name!

  7. Cute Alpaca:)i suck at ufo machines:O thou the ones over here have rubbish prizes inside so i hardly ever go on them.:)

  8. awww, he is so sweet! And yeah I admit, Japanese guys (and some girls too!) are majorly good at this. If I want something I just hand them money and they get it for me! But I really love that alpaca... :(

  9. haha the baby alpaca was fated! I love the sailor outfit ;A;
    It's so grat Mr Miruku is so skilled! I want a boyfriends like that! hahha

  10. Shop N' Chomp - It's such a nice date, isn't it? Relaxing and fun!

  11. Thanh Thao - Oh that's cool! I wish I could do it! I should practice more. Maybe you can teach me when you come to Japan!

  12. さらまり - I assume these were ex-boyfriends? Well, a part of you recognised that if they can't win on UFO catchers then they can't win at life. Someday you'll meet the perfect UFO catcher guy! ;)

  13. Shmuberry - Yep, that's a dealbreaker!

  14. diyanahomie - He's not bad, I'll give him that!

  15. Bianca - Haha, maybe I'll start a commission service. I could make a fortune!

  16. Alanna - I know, I always thought they were a waste of money at home :(

  17. Dolce♥Bunny - We are the same, just pay others to help us! but at least I could win the chocolate...

  18. Sasa - Next time, I will request this kind of picture! :)

  19. the hello kitty mp3 is adorable! and i tehe i like going to the amusements and playing on the dance machines ^^

    and i love the alpaca it looks so squishy ^^

  20. Naka - Dance machines are so much fun! But very tough, I can't do the high level. ><