12:50 AM

Any AKB48 fans in the house?

Well, not me - that's for sure!

I do however, looooove their current collab with 7/11 konbinis.

Here are some of the prizes you can win.

The best thing about it is that if you spend over 700yen then you can reach into a mystery box and pull out a card.

Whatever item from 7/11 is printed on the card you get free!

Here's what I've won so far:

Corn snack - I don't know, I haven't tried it before. Gonna save it for one of those times you find that there is NO FOOD in your kitchen!

Not too bad on the calories!

Coffee mix

Usually I just drink the free coffee at work, but it might be useful at the weekend.

Twirl twirl!

Anyway, even though I said I'm not an AKB48 fan, I quite like their recent song "Ponytail and Shushu".

The chorus is catchy and it seems like a good karaoke song.

As I mentioned before, my family will be making their first trip to Japan next week.

I wonder would they enjoy an AKB48 show?

Well, I'm sure my 19 year old brother would!

It seems like one of those "only in Japan" events but I doubt my parents would be interested - unless the quality of the lives is good?

Hmm, I feel a lot of pressure. Japan is my life now and I want to show all the best aspects of it to my family.

So much to choose from though!

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  1. I wish I'm a fan of that group, it seems cooler to like that group compared to liking snsd :D

  2. uhuhu I don't like AKB48 (they're ALL arround piggu! D:) but that lottery sounds so much fun!!
    I don't know why, but I love that kind of things, just like a fukubukuro, you don't know what you'll get! surprise! haah

    Aww, it's so cute how much you worry about they having fun! Just ask what they'd like to do, and then adapt it to make it more japanese. Like maybe, if they like to go to the theatre, take them see a japanese play c:

  3. This collab with 7/11 makes me so jealous! Idk if the 7/11's in America do this, but I have never heard of something like this being done here.. :(

    You have more restraint than me - I would have already pried open the cornsnack package in curiosity. ^^

  4. I don't care about AKB48 (they are doing their thing, but it ain't interesting to me) but I will totally support anything that has free stuff.

    The corn snack seems pretty nice haha.

    Oh I understand what you feel about being the tour guide, there's the pressure of making sure you represent Japan/show it as interesting and accurate.

  5. I'm not a fan of girly Jpop but I know that they are er...pretty popular with the male of the species! I'm sure your family will have a fabulous time in Japan!

  6. Yeah I'm not a fan either, anything that appears to be hyper cute i just kinda ignore. BUT FREE STUFF, IM ALL OVER THAT,

    good luck with the family stuff. I'm sure they will simply be happy to spend time with their lovely daughter :D

  7. tehe im not a big fan thats sounds really excited about ur family coming over ^^

  8. Saving Capulet - No way! Snsd are much better! Well, I'n not interested in the girls from either group, but I much prefer snsd's songs <3

  9. Sasa - Exactly, I don't really care what I get but I love putting my hand in the mystery box. Maybe it's like gambling!

  10. Therese Jane - That's too bad! Maybe 7/11 sales are bad in Japan so they need to improve?

  11. さらまり - I get you on AKB48, well, I can't judge anyone for the fandoms. And at least I benefit from the free stuff, yay!

  12. Winnie - But we'll stick to Arashi! ;)

  13. Bianca - Haha, tons of free stuff should arrive at your door next week!

  14. Naka - Yes, I can't wait to see them!

  15. さらまり - I get you on AKB48, well, I can't judge anyone for the fandoms. And at least I benefit from the free stuff, yay!