I Hate Tokyo

12:50 AM

...because I can't resist spending money there!

Nah, of course I love Tokyo!

Welcome to another rainy evening in Sendai.

The rain matches the mood of all the Japanese people who can't quite get over the fact that Japan didn't really deserve to progress any further in the World Cup.

Don't get me wrong, I hoped they would - but they did as well as anyone could have expected.

Now, let's all cheer for Argentina so I can win the pool organised by my co-workers!

I'm resentful of Tokyo for having so many lovely things to buy, but I'll show you them anyway.

First up, Titty & Co in Shibuya 109. Yes, that's right, a shop named after boobies.

Another case of me being to lazy to iron clothes when not absolutely necessary!

I love the fringing on the t-shirt and the studs make it kind of edgy. What do you think, Mode?

The shop was having a "Buy 2, Get Both Half Price" deal, so I got this pink and gold necklace too.

Have you ever heard of a special offer like that? I couldn't believe how lucky I was!

I also went to NADIA (Nadia Flores en el Corazon) in Harajuku.

Nice touch to staple a false rose petal to the bag <3

I bought these amazing sparkling tights. One thread was pulled loose so I got a 10% discount. Hopefully a dot of clear nail varnish will hold it together!

It makes me think of a psychadelic kimono!

I wanted to catch the glittery thread that's running through the tights, but I don't think it came out well.

I got a few more pieces that are in the wash now, so I'll post them another time.

I didn't do as much shopping as I expected though.

I'm not sure why.

I think I've got a reasonable amount of clothes for Spring/Summer (although never enough, haha!)

So, I wonder if my subconscious is telling me to do something different.

I have been considering splashing out on some cute office outfits from Cecil McBee.

Or maybe I should look ahead to Autumn/Winter collections?

Hmm...curiouser and curiouser!

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  1. So damn bad huh?
    got the same problem haha xD

  2. Love the top! It makes me think of 2ne1! ^^

    And it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one whose picky when it comes to those things. And that boys are equally mind-numbingly illogical around the world. XD

  3. pretty! i love clothes that don't need to iron too! It makes life sooo easy! And I love those tights, they are really crazy. Can't wait to see the other clothes!

  4. The fringe top is really cute and cool, I think it's perfect for the summer weather! But I really love those tights because they are so pretty and unique!

  5. cute top, cant wait to see your mode coordinates :D Plus those tights look fun :D

  6. I'm really into fringe lately: I just LOVE that top!

    I have a new job in a new hotel that's located in the middle of Montreal's shopping district....... I've already spent too much money on clothing and it's only Day 3!! lol

  7. the fringe top is lovely~~!
    "Buy 2, Get Both Half Price"?! Why can't we have sales like that here. XD

  8. jup all shops here in town were having that sale (or buy 2, get 30% off) 'cause of a fair. yay ^^ lovely necklaces!

  9. Great items!! I specially love the necklace, it is really an eyecatcher!

  10. lol, yes you are totally right. It is impossible to live in Tokyo and not be tempted by all the great stuff for sale out there the you cannot find in other countries.

  11. I love reading and backreading all your posts!!!!! Oh its so wonderful :) I've always wanted to visit japan and I'm really glad to have this blog of yours to read.

    I hope you post many many many more photos and tell me stories. :)

    Followed you and put you on my blogroll so I won't miss ANYTHING!

  12. Kanako_ageha - We need professional help!

  13. Therese Jane - Ahaha, that makes me so happy! Being like 2ne1 is the best compliment!

  14. Dolce♥Bunny - Ironing is so annoying! Now I really appreciate everything that my mum used to do for me :( Stupid independent life!

  15. さらまり - I just hope the tights dont rip! At least they were discounted...

  16. Bianca - I don't think I HAVE any mode coordinates though, at least not ones I can wear in this heat. I might have to wait until Autumn!

  17. Shmuberry - Well, that's the reason why we all work, right? Who needs food when you can have clothes?!?!

  18. m。m。- well, it doesn't seem like a good business choice to me, but it was great for shopping! Maybe they wanted to clear out old stock.

  19. Riechan - there is too much temptation all around us!

  20. Thanh Thao - Thanks, I really like it! Kind of ethnic with a twist!

  21. Sakie and Thomas Gantz - Thank God I live in Sendai! But it's pretty dangerous here too, haha!

  22. Aicha Amano - You're so kind, thank you! I hope you can come to Japan for a visit, let me know if you do!

  23. hkittygirl - thanks, they're so funky and bright!

  24. Riechan - there is too much temptation all around us!