Fashion's Night Out Tokyo 2010

12:13 AM

I look down on the real celebs, mwa ha ha haaaa!

Erm....it has been over a month since my last blog.

Things have been so crazy, especially in work.

But hopefully they'll settle down again now and hopefully I'll get paid four times as much as I already do now.

Do you hear me boss, do you???

People who make four times as much money as I do were the target audience for Fashion's Night Out Tokyo 2010.

It took place on Saturday September 11th which "randomly" coincided with my Tokyo trip with the Mister.

I like fashion but the stuff in Omotesando Hills  - where the night kicked off - is generally out of my price range.

You know, fashion shows are fun but they're even more fun if you have a chance of buying things, right?

For that reason I wasn't too bothered about making it for the opening ceremony, I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of the night.

The entrance of Verbal nearly blew the roof off the place. Who knew that "VA-BA-RUUUU" had so many screaming fans?

I had never seen the centre so packed, although most of the the people (like me) didn't look like Omotesando Hills' regulars.

The entrance of DJs (l-r) Mademoiselle Yulia, YOON and Toko. I have to say the music was AWESOME all night long.

We arrived too late for the opening fashion show but the clothes didn't look THAT special.

I can't describe the atmosphere, I guess it was more like a concert than anything else.


Somebody else...

Anna Tsuchiya, looking soooo hot.

The host of the night was Tominaga Ai and her fabulous blond hair.

Quickly dismantling the stage to make the photo spot.

And I quickly ran downstairs to get in right behind the official photogs!

Gucci does Matrix

I spent all night trying to get a good shot of the adorable Haruna Ai. That's her at the front bending her neck.

Tominaga Ai and Anna Tsuchiya were nattering away. I always thought Anna Tsuchiya looked like Skeletor but she's much more lovely in person.

This dapper Western looking gent with the grey ponytail, I'm sure I spotted him at a recent fashion show in Sendai. I wonder who he is?

Yeah, right!

Some of the entertainment was so cute - children doing Michael Jackson routines!

The night turned into a bit of a pub crawl, starting with free daiquiris in Omotesando Hills.

The stairway became a mini nightclub.

Massive queue for the free alcohol!

Lovely macaron display at Jean-Paul Hevin

The party was still going on outside so we popped over to Burberry to see what was happening.

Result - more free drinks in such elegant glasses.

They also had a mini live stage outside. Burberry was my no.1 stop of the night for sure.

Next we went to Missoni and all we got was posh water, booo! The ribbons were cute though. While we were there a random "mature" Japanese" lady started talking to/at us. She was thrilled because we are an international couple and was worried because her own two sons in their mid-20s are still single. Then she gave us her contact details and invited us to tea! Madness! And suddenly the shop was full of people trying to figure out if we were famous. Ha ha, typical Tokyo!

I forget where this was, if it looks familiar let me know! The music was great anyway.

And the champagne was even better!

Followed by more free champagne, but we could hardly walk straight at this stage so don't ask me where it was!

I definitely remember that this was Camper because I'm pretty sure I can never go back there again. We were drunk and hungry and Camper had an in-house chef doing smoked ham on salty crackers. Yum! We thought we were so subtle, wandering back and forth grabbing handfuls each time we passed the table. I think we had about 7 each. There's nothing worse than trying to be "subtle" when you're drunk!

Then we wandered to LaForet Harajuku which was like some crazy circus and I began to wonder if I hadn't been spiked. But no, it was just Tokyo.

I think they were real, which is a little unpleasant.

I think it was a ploy to make us buy more fur and animal prints.

So, the shoulder on the left if mine but it's clear where my bf's interest lies *cries*

Somewhere at the top of LFH we demolished a chocolate cake.

And because I forgot to snap the popcorn we ate, I harassed the popcorn girls like this for a while. Sorry!

This really appealed to me at the time, I guess it was a rockstar kind of night.

FNO Tokyo 2010 was great because it was free.

But if the point of it was to support the fashion industry, I'm not sure how clever it was to let all the hobos like me in!

I kind of felt like Cinderella, schmoozing with Omotesando's fashion elite before returning to my 109 life.

I did appreciate all of the shop staff who never made us feel out of place though.

We were served snacks and drinks as quickly as anyone else, which was a nice touch.

I remember going to Topshop student nights where we'd get free champagne at the door.

I know it's a heavy-handed way to loosen our purse strings, but it sure is a fun way to go shopping.

I guess it goes to show that you can talk the girl out of Ireland but you can't take Ireland out of the girl!

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  1. Wow, it looks almost as (if not more!) crazy than NYC's! D:
    You got a lot of candid snaps~ I wish the overhead shots were closer though, I wanna seee hahaha!!

  2. oh gosh!!1 Anna Tsuchiyaaaa, I'm so so in love with her!! T3T

  3. Great pics! So lucky to have been there!!
    Anna Tsuchiya is loveee hehehe

    Though a night club in a stair case just sounds dangerous XD haha
    Good thing it wasnt and Escalator I guess, that could be annoying lol

    I would have milked it and pretended to be famous ;D

  4. Wow! That looks like so much fun! O.O
    Just looking at your post made me dizzy. ^o^

    I'd like to see one here but I don't think there's enough high class shop like this to make it worth it...
    Glad to see you back too. <3

  5. FNO was a fun experience but I went to the one in my hometown (chicago) which it ended up kinda blowing because chicago IS NOT the fashion captial...next year NYC FO SHO (my home away from home)

    glad you had a fab time schmoozing and boozing (lol)

    glad your back even if it's brief XD

  6. Wow, that all looks so exciting, the show, the celebrities! But I have to say the hobo in me too was most interesting in the free drinks and snacks >.> I really wish I could have been there for that! Thank you for sharing all the photos so I could live vicariously through you!

  7. Wow that looked like so much fun..!!♥ Free food, drinks, and a concert~ I wonder if Osaka has anything like that.. hmm...

    Lol Glad you guys had a great time!!

  8. You got to see VIPS?? Great, it must have been fun!

  9. yay welcome back! it sounds like you had an awesome night!! is there something like this in sendai too?

  10. Aaah looks like you had so much fun! Fashion week ends tomorow in Montreal but I'm so busy with school and work, I won't have the chance to see anything =(

  11. I wanted to go the Fashion Nights Out at Rodeo Drive so badly, but a stupid project kept me from doing so! D:

  12. That is an insane amount of people! Great to hear you had loads of fun :D

  13. Wow, I love it! I'm so in love with fashion shows~ :D

  14. me too! especially when they're free ^^

  15. If everyone who attended actually bought things that night then I'm sure they would have made a fortune!

  16. That's too bad! But there's always next year, right?

  17. That's a shame! But I think you have your priorities in order. Save fashion for when you have free time!

  18. FNO only takes place in major cities but there are plenty of fashion shows in Sendai too. The last one was when you went to TGS but I'll keep an eye out for another one soon!

  19. It was! It's kind of stupid to get excited by seeing celebrities but I can't help it!

  20. I don't think FNO took place in Osaka, although that would be a good city for it. Osaka is packed with fashion events though, I love it there!

  21. Hey, you give so many people a chance to enjoy Japan through your eyes so I'm glad to do the same for you! I wish you could have been there too, I get the impression you'd be a great person to have a girls night with!

  22. FNO NYC would be so cool! I saw it in Gossip Girl the other day and it looked way more hectic than Tokyo. I'm sure Chicago was fun though, I wouldn't turn down an invite, haha!

  23. Well even if there is no FNO, I bet there are still fashion shows and parties. You just have to find them but it can be hard!

  24. She really is stunning, isn't she! I used to love her back when Kamikaze Girls came out. I wish I had pretended to be famous a bit more, but honestly I was so drunk that I probably would have made a fool of myself!

  25. Really? That's great! She is so cute and lovely in real life. I wish I could have spoken to her!!!

  26. I wish they were closer too! But we arrived so late that we were lucky to get a spot anywhere!

  27. ahh lucky you got to go to a fashion show with celebrities on top of that! damn im jealous;)