Miruku Is Dead

12:35 AM

This post is 50% joy, 50% panic...

This week I've been trying to upload a huge backlog of photos to draft posts in the hope that it would get me blogging regularly again once it was all done.

It was trundling along smoothly when Blogger sucker-punched me!

My "Picassa Web Album" (which I didn't even know I had) was full and I couldn't add more photos.

Was this the untimely end of Milk Tea?

Nooooo! /(><)\

A Google search told me that I could create a new author on the same blog and start fresh with a new photo let's see!

I'm going to use this post as a test and also to show off my lovely WC stuff that came yesterday and rendered me yen-less.

The infamous Sex and WC cardigan in black

Isn't it perfection itself? It's warm, well made and a good fit for a Western gal's bust.
I think it's pretty iconic, even if is basically says "sex and toilet".
That's why we love WC right?

Next is more WC, but this time I ordered from the Shibuya 109 webstore.

I'm always a little nervous dealing with a new company. 
While the shipping was a little slower than ordering from the WC webshop, I have no complaints.
Everything was packed well and they threw in the book and pink WC bag.
But the best part was...

 The plastic!

I know this is a stupid thing to be excited about but I've never received something like this before!
Each item of clothing was packed in a plastic back that snaps open and shut so they're reusable.
Bound to come in handy someday, right?
Thank you 109!

 Kumatan Nordic print cardigan in brown and white.

It's loose and super-thick. Hard to believe something from a gal brand is going to keep me warm!
It reminds me of woolly jumpers that I used to wear as a child.
But much, much cuter!
I'm holding out the cardi and dress in the picture (to show off the pattern) but this is another excellent fit.
Recomended for winter!

 WC school knit in purple and yellow.

Who can resist this classic design?
And purple and gold are my father's hometown's colours so it also has a nostalgic feel for me.
It's not quite as thick as the brown cardi, not even close really.
It's perfect for Autumn though and would sit well over some Uniqlo Heat Tech in Winter.
I actually wore this cardi to work today.
It added a splash of colour to a dark outfit but still looked professional (somehow!)

 Sorry, I have to go and meet the quarterback at my prom. We're going steady you see...

(Apologies for the lack of styling by the way. It was the end of a long day and I was relaxing after dinner when the packages came. I'm not dressing up just to camwhore my new clothes!)

On the same day I also received a care package from my dear family.

Snuggly warm things just in time for Winter!

One big pink fluffy dressing gown, 2 sets of warm fuzzy pajamas, one set of pink silk pajamas.

All chosen by my wonderful mother who has a fantastic eye for fashion (even if she doesn't trust herself).

I love you <3

Anyway, hopefully this new author account works.

I have so many pictures I want to show you.

Miruku is dead.

Long live Miruku!

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  1. Hello, long time reader, first time commenter. I had the same problem as you with my google account and I did create another account and add it as an author to my blog. It's working out well but can be confusing sometimes when I forget which account I'm logging in to. But it's a fix nonetheless.

  2. long live miruku!

    i love the nordic cardi but it's sold out DDD:
    nooooo i wanna twin cord with you!!!

  3. That's good to know about the photo thing! I know I'm probably not even close to using up all my photo space since my blog is fairly new, but still! D:
    This post makes me so excited to get my sex&wc cardi now too~ it looks amazinggg ♥

  4. WC sex cardi ♥♥♥
    Really want the new catalogue too :D



    I guess this post is kinda hyper, no?

    anyways, try photobucket that what I use and just embed the html..

    ps, please be my personal japanese shopper...PLEASE

  6. OMG you got the Kumatan brown and white cardi! It keeps sticking on my mind but I tell myself that it's sold out so I should just give up but staring at it all the time just makes me want it more.

    Love all the new purchases you got! AMEN to the sex cardi. We should plan a twinsie sex day XD

  7. Long live Miruku! (that sounds so cute actually but I feel like am saying that to a hamster. XD )
    I totally love the purple cardi. I've been debating buying it but... but... what I really need is a black one. ;-;
    You bought some very cute stuff! (and those fuzzy pajamas look like heaven to wear LOL)

  8. Hope creating a new folder in Picasa solves the issue. That is so sweet of your mom to send you that stuff. :-)

  9. Miruku!!! I really missed your posts! Glad to have you back!!

    I really love the WC stuff I had batter some of their stuff too!

  10. Sex cardigan, sex cardigan! I make grabby hands at it! Ok that sounds so bizarre... but really I love that cardi and it looks great on you XD

    That's strange your picasa was already full, mines only half you upload your photos resized or full sized?

    Oh your mom is so sweet, but you'll need more than that to get through Japanese winter right? XD

  11. Oooh I love all the things you bought. The sex wc cardigan is really cute! I love all the funny slogans printed on clothes in Asia. Bit frustating about the photos but glad that all is ok now!

  12. oh nos D: I never knew that you can run out of uploading photos!! I better go check mine :(
    Soooo cute your clothes haul~
    the Kumatan cardigan is just soooo adorable ^---^

  13. oh wow, i love the cardigans, the black one, best!

  14. Love the new clothes! Dad hasn't seen the Wexford colours worn so well in years.
    Great that your followers like my choice in cosy pyjamas!!
    Mam. xx

  15. There are a lot of websites that host photos. Photobucket is one I use occassionally, so if your 2nd account ends up no longer working, you could probably use that. :]

  16. Wow, nice haul, I absolutely love your kumatan cardigan!!!

  17. 超カワイイ!!



    ルー <3

  18. ありがとー!今仙台に住んでいますよ。ルーさんは?

  19. Or I could just make a 3rd account here, haha!

  20. You should be a personal shopper! Start a business!

  21. It's my favourite one too but I have to be careful where I wear it, haha!

  22. Yep, who knew??? It's good to check and be prepared!

  23. So true! Actually, that would be a good idea for a blog post - all the crazy English on my clothes!

  24. I think the sex cardi is back in stock now if you REALLY want it! I don't know about the uploading size of the photos though. I'm so clueless!

  25. You should definitely go when you come to Tokyo! WC is looove!

  26. Seems to have done the job alright! And yay for mothers!

  27. Please get a hamster and name it after me, haha. I think the purple cardi has a black version, but maybe I'm going crazy....

  28. The kumatan cardi is a great investment. It's getting properly cold here in Sendai now and I'm relying on it more and moooore! And I'm up for twinsie sex day anytime ;)

  29. Haha, I would loooove to be your personal shopper! All this photobucket business sounds like so much effort though. I'm such a lazy blogger! ><

  30. I'm sure you'll get the new catalogue soon. I doubt you'll be able to resist buying for long! The Emook was better though, obviously!

  31. You never know when you'll hit your limit, so better to keep an eye on your photos! When you get your cardi all of us bloggers should do a cood post!

  32. When you come back here we'll go shopping together and REALLY twin!

  33. Thank you for commenting :) And thank you for reassuring me about the second editor thing. It's confusing but I guess we have no choice!