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Last Friday I was a naughty girl and visited the recycle shop on the way home from work...

Since I decided to go back to Ireland for Christmas I've been trying to cut out luxuries and save money.

However I have a weakness for recycle shops.

It's very trendy to find "vintage" clothes in charity shops but I never had any luck back in Europe.

Everything was either old, dowdy or - in specialist shops - very expensive.

Things are different in Japan though.

Part of the reason is that since I've been here my style has changed.

Or it might be more accurate to say that I've actually developed a sense of style...

The big difference, however, is the presence of high-quality, reasonably-priced second hand clothes.

There are countless shops who sell only "recycled" pieces and they are the best places to pick up brands on the cheap.

Last week I went to a local branch of Jumble Store, in theory to pick up some cheap skirts.

 I did get one!

No brand - 900yen

Black elastic waistband is a girl's best friend right? They had a lot of other ones with different patterns but same style and same price. I might have to go back for more because this plus leggings and boots will get me through Winter!


Hysteric Glamour top - 5000yen 

(WARNING: the link above plays LOUD music, be careful!)

This would have been AT LEAST 10,000yen if bought new. Just goes to show how lucky you can get in recycle shops. I like going into the Hysteric Glamour shop to talk to the staff but I stopped doing it because I could never afford to buy anything. With this baby on I can go in as often as I like, yay!

No brand shawl - 1000yen

Well, it might be a brand but I have no idea, haha. This is going to be a little bit hard to coordinate with most of my clothes but I just imagined myself in a reading in a little coffee shop wearing this and I couldn't resist!

 Uniqlo leggings - 990yen

Ok, this is cheating. I didn't buy them in the recycle shop but they are new and they're part of the coordinate below so...

All put together minus the shawl and plus my WC BUSU cap (hiding my busu-no-makeup face, haha)

I'm going to wear this next Sunday for a club event that I have to leave early because of stupid work the next day, boooo!

I guess most of my readers favour gal brands so in case you were wondering, most recycle shops carry all the big 109 brands.

I'm seeing a lot of Liz Lisa fur coats recently for as low as 3000yen!

The big shock last week was finding a red WC "SF" top in Jumble Store.

We don't have a branch of WC in Sendai so it's super-rare.

I don't really like that print so I didn't buy it but when I walked by the same rail 5 minutes later it was gone!

You have to move fast in recycle shops, haha!

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  1. uuuuu we'll have to go clothes hunting together there :DDD
    lucky perth internet is slow so i didn't get shocked by the loud music~

  2. my favorite things would be the blue skirt and the awesome leggings! I wish I could find pretty ensembles like those here xD

  3. That is a very nice outfit!! And since I'm in Japan too I hope to develop some kind of style, too :-)

  4. Cool! I need to go to recycle shops next time I am in Japan so I can save a bit of money, and shop auctions haha. I really like the skirt you picked, the combination of the blue and yellow is so pretty! The coordinate you put together is great too, a very cute shibuhara look!

    Wow, seeing a W*C shirt so far from it's home in Tokyo is cool, no wonder it was grabbed so quick XD

  5. oh I much I would love to shop in those recycle shops !!

  6. I'd totally shop at recycle shops!
    Last time I got a Uniqlo tee for only $1 at a school festival's bargain store~~

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  8. Love love love recylcing shops, specially from Japan, and London.
    I hate the ones here, they're just too creepy D:

    And everything you got suits you, so cute x3 I love when I come across great deals ;^;

    I have a pretty much similar shawl, just in orange. I just never wear it anymore XD

    Lizlisa for 3000! Why the hell I'm so far away from Japan! damn damn damn!

    have fun at the event! and bring back lots of pictures <3

  9. Such a GREAT find!!! I love Hysteric Glamour!

  10. Oooh I love those leggings but that skirt is my favourite. It's almost like a space print, so fun!!

  11. Wow, you got some great finds! ♥ I love that shawl & those leggings~ 990yen for Uniqlo is awesome :D

  12. i didn't know japan has recycle shops. i thought only in the states do. we have tons here, but i've never checked out the clothes section. based on your cute skirts, i should check out this stores on my next trip to japan!

  13. lol @ the busu hat! recycle shops are the best!

  14. You should! They are generally lovely, bright, clean places. And full of treasures!

  15. Yep, I think I'm gonna have to buy more leggings. Perfect for winter!

  16. Like some cyber techno alien fashion or something! But nothing unusual for Japan I guess, haha

  17. Me too - but haaaaate the prices ><

  18. You should wear your shawl, I bet it's lovely! And I wish you could come to Japan for a little while. Save up!!!

  19. yeah, the little details make it!

  20. Wow, that's bloody cheap! Ok, I'm gonna have to try and find something that cheap the next time!

  21. If you visit we can go on a tour!

  22. I wish I could say that recycle shops save me money but I probably end up spending more in those places, haha! And thanks for saying that the look is Shibuhara - that's the dream!

  23. I bet you will! But I already think that you dress nice <3

  24. I don't think that the leggings are very unusual, you could probably find something like that!

  25. Haha, I have sooooooooooo many plans for us! Can't wait!

  26. Sorry that I haven't commented in forever! I used to use Firefox, but it stopeed working, so I started to use Internet Explorer, which means I lost all my blog links. ;~;
    So I'm back again and I just wanted to say that I love the skirt and the leggings!

  27. Wow!~ You found some great things. I love that skirt! <3

    I almost never find anything in recycle stores. I was in this really big one in Antwerp, and they had loads of cheap, old Dr Martens in different colors... but none in my size. =C

  28. I hope everything is going well for you right now and that you're ok.