Handmade Floral Jewellery and Accessories by Nakamura Coubou

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sakura, sendai, nakamura coubou, jewellery, accessory

Simple and Sweet: Sakura

Christmas was over two months ago, but I've still been waiting on my gift from that special someone. Actually it was my fault because I couldn't decide on anything. I'm trying not to buy too many more things before I move to Tokyo in the Summer and I already have three wardrobes full of clothes. If you've ever seen a typical one-room Japanese apartment, you'll know how little living-space that leaves me with. Since I subscribed to GlossyBox I also have far more cosmetics than I really need. So it seemed like the right time to get some new accessories!

I have a few favourite pieces that I tend to wear over and over again, but variety is the spice of life (and the bane of my wallet). This time though, I wasn't paying. So I scoured the select shops of Sendai for something special. If I'm being truthful however, I did have one brand in mind : nakamura coubou. Put simply, it's cuteness suspended in crystal (note: not actual crystal). Typically featuring flowers but also lace feathers and most recently postage stamps, all encased in resin cut like a diamond.

sakura, sendai, nakamura coubou, jewellery, accessory

Prettily gift-wrapped, even though I was right there.

It's not a new brand, but I feel it has gotten much more popular in the past two years. nakamura coubou accessories used to be kind of hard to find, but now there are 3 or 4 stockists in Sendai alone. I think it follows the on-going Japanese boom in handmade (and handmade looking) jewellery. Anyway, despite the increase in options, I went to Sakura. I've been a customer of that shop for as long as I've been in Japan and it's always a pleasure to visit. It has also introduced me to a community of artists and trendsetters who hold the craziest parties and wear the wildest designs. Shopping is always fun, but even more so when it's a shop you're happy to give your business to. This time, even though I was standing in front of her and had picked out the jewellery myself, the staff girl went to the trouble of gift wrapping it anyway. You know, it's the little things.

sakura, sendai, nakamura coubou, jewellery, accessory

Red and yellow floral hair accessory

My eternal flaw in beauty and fashion is my hair. I've never had any flair or skill at styling it, so the best I can do is decorate. At least I tried to justify my choices this time. Since nakamura coubou items are definitely sweet, I balanced the soft with the bold: bright blossoms of red and yellow 

sakura, sendai, nakamura coubou, jewellery, accessory

Pinki blossom and lace hair clip

My second selection was this hair clip. Sakura season is fast-approaching and I always dress up in pink to enjoy the cherry blossoms. The flowers in the slide aren't sakura (I have no idea what they are) but they're so cute. I'm sure they'll match my outfit perfectly.

sakura, sendai, nakamura coubou, jewellery, accessory

Cream-coloured flowers and lace earring.

sakura, sendai, nakamura coubou, jewellery, accessory

Clip-on studs by nakamura coubou

Finally, since my pierced holes closed up years ago, I was happy to find these cute clip-on earrings. I sometimes get worried that clip-ons will fall off or start to hurt so I don't wear them often. But these are so pretty, I thought it was worth the risk. I'll just have to be extra careful. 

I suppose that marks the end of my 2012 Christmas presents, haha. Bring on 2013!

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