OOTD: What Colour Are You?

5:24 PM

  • Headband: somewhere in Taipei
  • Choker: WORLD IS MINE (Scramble Market)
  • Shirt: somewhere in Gangnam (Seoul)
  • Inner: Tiens Ecoute (Lumine Shinjuku)
  • Shorts: Lip Service (Sendai Forus)
  • Tights: Marks and Spencer (Dublin)
  • Shoes: United Nude (resale)
  • Bag: Blond Cigarettes (Garden Sendai)
  • Bracelets: チチカカ (Harajuku) FEAR (Scramble Market)
  • Rings: FEAR, EXIST (sponsored)

Recently I can't stop buying and wearing blue.

With this in mind, I asked my friend if she agreed that people eventually start to gravitate towards certain colours. Everyone talks about "personal style" and most people know that certain shades and tones will suit them better than others. But what about personal colours? Is it just as simple as wearing your favourite colour?

I don't think so.

It's hard to choose one, but I'd venture to say that my favourite colour is purple. But when it comes to fashion, outside of accessories I don't wear purple all that much. Blue, on the other hand, is a colour I swore never to wear post-secondary school. My Catholic school's uniform was an unfortunate shade that earned us the nickname "The Smurfs". Back then we all longed for the dull navys and greys of other schools.

Yet here I am years later still wearing the same colour.

For the record, my friend disagreed when I described her as a "red" person, listing all her many-coloured clothes as proof of my mistake. She said that she sees her self as, if anything, a blue person. I was definitely not a blue person according to her. Although we both viewed ourselves in the same way, we had totally different ideas of the other person.

 Somehow, that is a recipe for friendship.

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  1. Love the shirt and the shoes! Hmm, purples my favourite colour but I don't own anything in that colour. I think cool colours suit me best like electric blue but I asked Ksk's opinion ..he said warm colours like pink.haha.

    1. When I think of you I think of hot purple and pink lipsticks, so maybe K was on to something there!

  2. Excellent outfit!! That shirt is awesome :D


    1. Thank you! Let's go shopping when you visit! XD