Maison de Fleur Lavender Giftbox

7:25 PM

Honestly the box would have been present enough

Japan places a huge emphasis on gift-wrapping. I'm in two minds over it. On the one hand, who doesn't get a thrill from ribbons and coloured tissue paper? On the other hand, it's a waste of money and not very eco-friendly. 

When I lived in Sendai, I volunteered as an English teacher at a local community centre. For the Christmas party, each teacher was supposed to organise a game and supply some little prizes. I decided to give something very precious to me - some Irish tea bags. If you know Irish people, then you know that we love our tea. However, unlike English tea, it's impossible to find abroad. I thought it was a rare and thoughtful present and popped the teabags in a little clear plastic bag for the winner. I didn't know that I would be judged on presentation. At the party, when the (adult) prize winner held up the plastic bag so everyone could laugh at it, I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

That was four years ago but the feeling has stuck with me. Since then I always keep a supply of gift bags and ribbons at home. Also, I would never judge someone for lack of gift wrapping skills. If you're lucky enough to get a present, then to expect more money and effort spent on decorating it is so selfish.

Maison de Fleur logo with added alpaca

That being said, getting a beautifully decorated package is definitely a pleasure, albeit a guilty one. My boyfriend surprised me with this box from Maison de Fleur and, not gonna lie, the gift-wrapping was almost my favourite part. Second confession: he gave it to me at a restaurant and the looks of admiration from other tables made it even better! 

It takes great restraint to open a box like this slowly

Maison de Fleur sells a variety of goods, all following in their mission statement of supplying a French-style happy birthday to girls who love pretty things. It's the kind of shop that you always stop into to browse, but rarely can justify treating yourself to something in. They have little make-up cases, hand cream, jewellery, that sort of thing. When I get rich I'm going to treat myself to these unnecessary but gorgeous things all the time!

No alpaca no life

First out of the box alpaca! This is a face towel, something every Japanese lady worth her salt (and most of the men too) owns many versions of. I used to think they took up valuable handbag space but the Tokyo summer proved me wrong. It's so handy to be able to freshen up while you're out in the heat!

Total contents, but what's in the box?

After a lot of unpacking, this is what I was left with: face towel, mystery box and bath cubes. For some reason everything was scented with lavender...

Varo Lavender Wax Bar

...and this is why. A delicately scented wax bar. What is it? Check back in a couple of days for a full explanation and review!

Made in Holland Essential Oil Bath Cubes

Last out of the box were these bath cubes. I tried searching online to find out more about this brand but the company just names them as coming from Holland *shrugs*. They're a simpler version of Lush bath bombs, made with essential oils and without the crazy colours. I got Lilly of the Valley, Rose and Lavender but other scents are available on Rakuten. There was a definite lavender theme in this gift box!

I'm looking forward to pampering myself with these goodies and don't worry, I fully intend to reuse all the gift-wrapping!

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