Belle de Jour

12:50 AM

You may have noticed frequent use of the word "relax" in this blog.
Another popular theme is "cheap", so any chance to combine the two is cause for celebration!

Japan is famous for 100 yen shops where you can buy almost anything for that price (plus 5 yen tax).

Sometimes it's nice to splash out on fancy bathtime products.

Other times I think the 100 yen ones are just as good.

This week I'm trying Belle de Jour bath fizz balls.

You get six in the pack, which is great value. The packaging is so quaint and pretty - the balls are in white netting, protected by clear celophane. The whole thing is tied at the top with string. So simple and elegant.

Japan loves France, we reap the benefits.

When I used them the first time, I wasn't expecting very much. Not at that price.

What a pleasant surprise!

The herbal scent was very strong, but not over-powering. Strong enough to let me drift off and imagine that I was in some fabulous spa, rather than my own small bath.

The ball also lasted for a long time, which was mildly entertaining!

All in all, at 6 balls for 100 yen you can't go wrong.

It makes me wonder what cheap but effective products I've been missing out on until now....

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  1. Oh it sounds like they were a great deal! It's so nice to take baths in Japanese tubs^^

  2. There's nothing quite like a relaxing bath, is there? The shop also sold onsen-scented bath mix, so that's next on my list to try!

  3. Hey Miruku, they don't have these in Malaysia's 100 yen shop... =.=" I wanna tried it after reading your review but without luck... *Sigh... :(

  4. Erika Toh - That's too bad! I'll keep including them in giveaways, maybe you can win them someday!