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Bad pun, delicious snacks.

Rilakkuma is a Japanese character from books, stationary, toys, fashion, home ware....basically everything!

His name is a combination of "relax" and "bear" (kuma) and he reminds those of us in hectic Japanese workplaces to take a breather every now and then.

For some reason Lawsons have a new range of Rilakkuma snacks in stock, so I thought I'd share.

First up, soft white marshmallows filled with grape jam/jelly.

To be honest I only bought this because of the packaging. The grape didn't sound very appealing.

I was completely wrong though! It's the most delicious sweet I have ever tasted!

The grape jam was sharp and zesty but the marshmallow was firm enough to hold it all together.

Unfortunately, this sounds like one of those only in Japan combinations.

If you find this sweet, please try it!


Cute French writing on the packet!

Next up: Camembert-flavoured, heart-shaped tortilla chips.

These looked absolutely amazing, right from the get-go. Potato-anything is fine by me.

They were, however, a big disappointment.

The cheese flavour was too strong and somehow a little bit sweet too.

A potentially tasty savoury snack spoiled.

I wouldn't say no to another bag though....

Finally, Rilakkuma strawberry flavoured Kit-Kat balls.

Truly scrumptious! The thing about Spring in Japan is that everything comes in strawberry.

Sometimes I don't like it mixed with chocolate but this was just right.

The flavour was mild and the layers of Kit-Kat biscuit evened it out.

So, to review - the marshmallows and Kit-Kat balls were amazing. The tortilla chips were not so good.

However, at 100 yen and with such cute packaging - could you resist?

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  1. Rilakkuma snacks!! These are so cute! That's too bad the tortilla chips were not good, but the marshmallows were good so I guess it evens out hehe!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog^^ Although I don't think you have to be too sad And on And isn't in Sendai, it's really just meh haha!

  2. To be fair, the chips weren't THAT bad. I guess nothing could match those marshmallows. Please keep an out for them!

  3. If I ever go to Japan, I'm going to buy lots of Rilakkuma snacks!

  4. diyanahomie - Please eat as much as possible!