Well Hello Sailor!

12:50 AM

All aboard the good ship...futon?
Sunday was a gorgeous day in Sendai. Hopefully we have seen the last of that beastly snow.

To celebrate the warmer nights and in honour of my upcoming onsen trip, I got some new pajamas.

There are countless shops selling nightwear in Japan but most stick to two styles: very cute or very sexy.

I wanted something more simple, to fit with the relaxing atmosphere in the onsen.

Naturally, I went to Tutuanna.

That shop has everything - all the cute/sexy/comfortable styles you could want and big cup-sizes in most styles.

It also runs good deals, such as 3 pairs of socks or panties for 1000 yen.

These pyjamas were also on offer. I got them at the stupidly cheap price of 1200 yen.

I have socks that cost more than this!

The fit is loose and airy and the navy/white combo has a nautical charm.

The frills at the base of each piece balance the dark colour with some girlish fun.

The detail on the t-shirt is a turquoise bow.

So cute!

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