Wink and a Smile

12:50 AM

Freebies with this season's Marc Jacobs' mook.

A mook is a catalogue put out by fashion labels to showcase their new pieces for the season.

Although I prefer to look at pictures online (i.e. for free), mooks are great because they come with branded gifts.

The current Marc Jacobs mook came with this make-up bag. It's a little to big to carry in your handbag every day, but a great size for travelling. The pattern is really pretty.

I really love the mirror that was also included. I think it's the cutest thing ever! The "M.J." initials form a wink and the full name forms the smile. Such a cheeky face!

Marc Jacobs is a brand that I like the concept of but rarely wear. Usually it's out of my price range, unless I find pieces in a recycle shop.

That's the beauty of mooks and their gifts. It allows you a little piece of high fashion without spending a fortune.

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