A Timeless Classic

12:50 AM

Because one pretty watch is never enough.

Regular readers of Milk Tea (should I say regular drinkers?) will be able to guess where this came from.

That's right - Bunkaya Zakkaten.

Like the Queen of Hearts watch and the horror-kei ring, floral number comes from that same Aladdin's cave.

The concept of this watch is simply amazing.

It's made from a piece of elastic band with embroidered ribbon ruffled around it.

The timepiece is simply sewn on the top
The elastic makes it nice and stretchy, so it can fit on any wrist size.

It's so simple that I think it could easily be made at home.

Elastic and ribbon are easily found in a haberdashery and I can remember seeing watch faces in my local bead shop back home.

There are so many talented bloggers out there that I really wanted to share this.

Is anyone willing to attempt one?

I paid about 1000 yen for it, quite reasonable.

This is the kind of accessory that goes with nothing, yet goes with everything.

I have been wearing it to work and it's perfect for adding some fun to a more serious outfit.

Get your sewing needles out girls!

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  1. Really cute! <3

    Yea I know about the bookstores, that's so great! But I had to hurry up because my dad and step-mother waited ;____;

  2. Oh it's really cute and such a good idea for old watches!

  3. so cute, and yeah you could make it at home but at 1000 yen, it's almost a bargain! :)

  4. I've never seen a watch like this, although it's quite a simple idea. But I really like it~

  5. I love it!

    It's the kind of accessories that transform a simple outfit into something stunning!

  6. Saving Capulet - I know, I loooove it!

  7. Rii - That's too bad. Maybe next time you can wait as long as you like!

  8. Winnie - Good idea! It must be a lot cheaper than getting a new strap from a shop.

  9. Bianca - Yep, and I'm too crap at sewing to be able to do it myself, haha!

  10. Pony - It's so simple that I never thought of it either! But kind of obvious now that I see it!

  11. Shmuberry - Right! Whenever I wear it to work I feel like I'm playing by the dress-code rules, but making them my own.

  12. You're right it's very cute and looks quite simple enough to make. But for 1000yen, I would just buy it hehe^^

  13. さらまり - Yep, me too! But I hope someone will be inspired by this!

  14. very cute! adding to my 'to make' list :D

  15. Riechan - Yay! Let me know how it goes!