Pink House

12:50 AM

This is a pink house.

That's all really.

It looks a bit purpleish, but I promise it was pink.

The house is in Kawagoe, Saitama, hometown of Mr. Miruku.

Everyone was just going about their business and didn't realise the awesomeness of there being a pink house.

Silly people!

I'm 99% sure that I would LOVE to live in a pink house.

However, a more traditional Japanese house would be nice too.

A very short post today because I have to sleep early.

I'm taking part in a martial arts contest on Sunday, my first in Japan.

I used to be pretty good back home, but obviously the standard here is much higher.

Argh, stress!

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  1. hahaha we used to have the "ugly purple house" near my school

  2. Yes, I wouldn't mind a pink house at all haha. I really want a pink room again at least haha.

    Good luck on your martial arts competition. The standard is higher there (a lot I think) but it's a great challenge^^

  3. I think it's lovely! Good luck at the martial arts contest! =D

  4. it's so cute!

    which martial art do you do? ^^

  5. mr. pineapple man - I hope you're not implying that my beloved pink house is ugly!!! \_/

  6. Winnie - yay! Pink house fanclub!

  7. さらまり - A pink room would be fun too! If I owned my own house I would like to give every room a theme. The Pink Room would be some kind of make-up and fashion world!

  8. Shop N' Chomp - I'm happy that you like it!

  9. Shmuberry - Cute isn't enough, must be super-cute or something! I play kendo, Japanese fencing.