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Feel the burn!

I mentioned yesterday that I was taking part in a kendo competition.

Well...I won!

I can't believe it! I'm not THAT good at kendo, so winning a competition filled with Japanese kendo players is unbelievable.

Please allow me a moment to glory!

Here is my gold medal.

Genuine bling bling!

So afterwards I wanted to thank my muscles with a relaxing bath.

I know I was singing the praises of 100yen shop bath salts, but seeing as how today was a special occasion, I treated myself to something a little more upmarket.

Bison Bakkanto Bath Salts.

The idea with this product is that it will heat up your bath for a little while.

Seeing as how I loooove onsens and super-hot baths, it sounded perfect!

The important information that I didn't bother to read.

I was initially drawn to this because of the adorable packaging.

However, after reading some positive online reviews, I was excited to try it.

The packaging is great though, look at the cute characters!

When I opened the bag, the scent was almost overpowering.

It was lovely though, kind of fruity and sweet.

Already I felt relaxed!

The view inside.

The salts are hot pink and so pretty. They are mixed in with some larger clear crystals.

It depends on the size of your bath of course, but I'd say there's enough in the packet for two generous portions.

As it enters the water it turns a more fiery colour.

My tiny Japanese bathtub!

I really enjoyed this product.

The aroma and sensation in the bath was wonderful.

One of the ingredients causes it to crackle and pop when it enters the water, that was fun!

I wasn't sure how hot it would be so I bought the "Fat Burn" version.

Unfortunately, I didn't think it was hot enough for me. Nor did I feel it burning any fat!

However, the after-effect on my skin was lovely and I've been drifting around in a dream state ever since.

This is 100% recommended and when I try the other types from Bison I'll let you know how they are too.

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  1. Congratulations~ Kendo seems pretty hard.

    And wouldn't it be great if a bath solution made you burn fat? x3

  2. Congratulations!!
    I've never actually tried any bath salts, not even when I was in Japan (why didn't I remember to try it?? damn me!)

    but everyone makes them sound so good... I'd really love to try them! (even if I don't have a bath tub anymore XD)

  3. congrats!! im a total bath freak, and take japanese onsen baths every other day (its probably bad for my skin) thanks for the review!

  4. Congratuations, you must be pretty good at Kendo!

    The bath salts sound amazing!

  5. Congrats, congrats!! What an achievement! Love the bling. :D I've tried regular Japanese bath salts but not this kind. I'll have to keep an eye out for this at the store.

  6. yaay congratuatins! and it sounds amazing! i know here in germany a face peeling that getting warmer when it have contact with your skin ^^

  7. Wow, that is super amazing and awesome that you won the competition! You really deserve it, I wish I could have seen it^^

    Thanks for reviewing this bath salt. I keep trying the different hot bath salts I can find. I want something that makes it really hot haha, so I can sweat out all the water I'm always retaining><

  8. Congratulations, winning that competition! Amazing!

    And haha, I also bought this bath salt when I was in Japan and also was disappointed at how it wasn't so hot at all... xD I guess we must just use hotter water?? xD
    Following you ;*

  9. Pony - Kendo is really tough at the beginning, but it's so much fun! A fat-burning bath would be the best! Maybe if I use this every day it will happen?

  10. Sasa - when I was searching for online reviews I saw that this product is available from many internet retailers. If you don't mind ordering online you could use it as a foot bath or something!

  11. mr. pineapple man - how do you take an onsen bath everyday? Do you live near an onsen? I wish I had time to go everyday!!!

  12. Winnie - I'm not very good at kendo at all, but fortunately I was good enough. I don't think it will happen regularly though!

  13. Shop N' Chomp - I really enjoy bath products and this is my favourite Japanese one so far. Please try it if you can!

  14. Shanna - Thank you! That face peeler sounds really interesting, I want to try it!

  15. さらまり - Since you're in Japan now this would be a great time to check out a local dojo, I know they'd be happy to have you visit! Let me know if you find a good hot bath salt because this wasn't enough!

  16. Magdalena - Thanks for following, I love your blog! I guess hotter water is the solution, but I was hoping this product would be super-strong. Maybe another one from this brand is better?!?!

  17. congrats to you!!!!
    i used to do kendo when i was young at school but i am way too unfit to do it now haha

  18. Yumeko - I only started kendo when I was in university and I am still unfit, haha! So you can start again anytime, ganbatte!

  19. Wow that's cool :D Japaneses are genious!!

  20. Congratulation for having won a gold medal!! :-)) That is really fantastic! :-))

    I love the bath tub salts they have in Japan! :-))

  21. Sanna - yeah, it's such a good idea! so relaxing ^^

  22. Thanh Thao - thank you very much! I'm still shocked about it, haha!

  23. yaay congratuatins! and it sounds amazing! i know here in germany a face peeling that getting warmer when it have contact with your skin ^^

  24. Congratulations~ Kendo seems pretty hard.

    And wouldn't it be great if a bath solution made you burn fat? x3