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12:50 AM

Spa treatment part two

Yesterday wasn't just about the bath salts.

While I rewarded my body with a hot soak, I treated my face to a sheet mask.

Although I had used cream-based masks before, I had never seen sheet "wet paper-style" masks until I came to Japan.

In fact, the first time I saw that kind of thing was a free sample in a love hotel. Well, you pay for the best room and you get all kind of beauty products to try!

The kind I used yesterday is Utena Puresa Hyaluron pack, five masks in the box.

If you see it in the shops, it's the pink box rather than the blue.

The other version of this is a blue colour and contains the oh-so-popular collagen.

I haven't a clue what Hyaluronic Acid is, but Wikipedia tells me it can be used to help the skin of humans and the bones of horses.

I just liked it because it was pink.

The important stuff at the back, meh. Don't really care.

My Japanese isn't bad but I don't fancy translating all the instructions and ingredients.

Fortunately, this is Japan! We don't have to.

Everything comes in picture form, yay!

This is the sloppy mess that comes out of the packet.

It was quite heavy, clearly packed full of that Hyala-thingy, and dripping wet.

It seemed very delicate so I was afraid of ripping it when I was trying to open it.

Silly me, that was the wrong thing to do.

It was bloody impossible to open!

Finally I got it done, very creepy.

I wish somebody would invent cute sheet masks.

They always look awful.

I remember learning in art class that a human's face is roughly the same size as your hand.

So, the above photo shows what great coverage the mask has.

The next instalment of Horror-Kei = Zombie Chic!

As you can see, a perfect fit.

I'm a bit shy to put my face here, but fortunately the mask works a good disguise!

I left the mask on a bit longer than the recommended 20mins.

When I took it off there was a lot of residue and I was worried that my pores would block, but there seems to be no problems.

I rubbed as much as possible into my skin, hoping to get all the benefits.

One day later and my skin is STILL as soft as a baby's backside.

Absolutely lovely!

I didn't wear heavy make-up today, which probably helped, but the mask really had a wonderful effect.

I felt like I was glowing all day.

Another bonus was the free charm that came with the masks.

Spa Hello Kitty! Perfect to put on my onsen/spa bag!

As you can see, she's using the face mask too - so it must be good!

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  1. wow, sounds soo nice! You make me want to try them! haha

  2. You have stunning eyes ♥

    I wanna try such a mask too !
    & the Kitty is sosososo cute ^^

  3. I LOVE sheet mask!

    I read somewhere that it,s also very good to sleep with a sheet mask on but I've yet to try that.

    I get my hair cut at a korean salong where my friend works and every time, she gives me a bunch of those!

  4. oh i love that hello kitty charm! <3

  5. I'll definitely try that when I'm in Japan!!
    Thanks for the review! :3

  6. Face masks are a bit scary... but if they work, it's okay. :3

    The Hello Kitty charm is really cute~

  7. My mom uses face masks like that, she has buys them in bulk whenever we are in HK or our family will send parcels over.

    Love that you have yet another phone charm!

  8. "I just liked it because it was pink." LOL! I'd totally do the same. XD Hee hee...cute way to disguise yourself. I adore that Hello Kitty freebie!

  9. I should really start using masks sometimes, your post is pushing me in the right direction hehe^^

    Hyaluronic acid is the new beauty thing, after collagen, but I think it actually does have effect on the skin. Whereas collagen has to be injected to actually have any effect.

  10. Sasa - they're lovely, you should try!

  11. Hannah Sophie - Thank you! Actually, the Kitty is the reason why I bought this anyway!

  12. Shmuberry - I can't imagine sleeping in a mask, it seems so uncomfortable! I think I must move around too much!

  13. Saving Capulet - me too! she reminds us to take a rest!

  14. Rii - Great, you will soon have the chance to try many nice products! yay!

  15. Pony - well it looks scary but feels so nice. Don't be afraid!

  16. Winnie - That's a good way to get them, you're lucky! Yeah, the last thing I need is another phone charm, haha. I want to put it on a bag that will hold my relxation stuff.

  17. Shop N' Chomp - Haha, I could have pretended that I knew what I was talking about, but lying on the internet is the worst! And pink is great!

  18. Vicki - and it feels even better than it looks!

  19. さらまり - Great, I hope you can try this! The packets are cheap to buy in a chemist. It sounds like Hyaluronic acid is good then, I'm glad I chose this one!

  20. Japan's masks are great!! I want to try one this year, too!! :-))

  21. Thanh Thao - you're coming over soon right? then you'll have a whole year to try everything!

  22. Japan's masks are great!! I want to try one this year, too!! :-))

  23. Saving Capulet - me too! she reminds us to take a rest!

  24. coool! i never see the masks in pink packaging! i always see blue around my area!