12:50 AM

It just won't stop raining in Japan.

I showed the weather what I think of that tiresome attitude by buying new sunglasses.

I'm Irish, it takes more than some water falling from the sky to stop me!

The glasses come from Zoff.

Zoff always have amazing frames at reasonable prices.

I suppose these were expensive for sunglasses (5000 yen) considering they just have normal tinted lenses.

However, the quality is wonderful and I'm in love with the retro look.

Everyone stares at me all the time anyway, now they'll really have something to look at!

I might buy another cheap pair of sunglasses that are on-trend for this season.

I think these frames will always be funky though, I consider it a good investment.

Now all I need is the sun!

Bonus cuteness - the Zoff mascot:

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  1. Ahhh I really want heart-shaped frames for the summer too, these are so cute!

  2. Hee hee...what a cute pup! I "heart" those sunnies. :D

  3. Is it rainy season in Japan now???

    I hope it will stop soon!! :-))

  4. Shanna - thank you! I love this retro style!

  5. Shmuberry - I think so, thank you!

  6. Winnie - I hope you can find some, it's such a great look for the summer!

  7. Shop N' Chomp - I love the Zoff dog! That's soooo typical of a Japanese company, haha!

  8. Thanh Thao - I think it's not quite rainy season yet. The weather should be better later on this week, but recently there was so much rain! Oh no!

  9. Cute, i really wish my heart glasses had a cool tint XD

  10. Bianca - Yeah, I find it really nice that when people are staring at me I can just hide behind the tint!