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12:50 AM

My first attempt at wearing false eyelashes.

I remember a couple of years ago my friend started wearing false eyelashes.

I was baffled because they seemed a bit over the top for college students.

I associated them with drag queens and eighties icons.

Fast forward to now and I have been secretly dying to try them, but afraid of taking the first step.

Those of you that have lots experience wearing lashes might not remember how intimidating they are first time around.

To get myself some practice, I bought some pairs from the 100yen shop.

That way, if they didn't work out I wouldn't have wasted money.

Starting out - I was quite nervous and I think it shows!

If you think about it, gluing something to the most delicate part of your body is crazy.

I was sure I was going to poison myself or stab myself in the eye.

However, I thought, if everyone else can do it then so can I!

These are the lashes I chose. Not really recommended but can't argue with the price.

The lashes looked very shiny and were clearly of poor quality.

They were ok for practicing with though and the glue came with an applicator wand which was very helpful for me as a beginner.

If you're not sure, on the left of the picture above are upper lid lashes, on the right are lower lid.

Most tutorials recommend putting mascara and eyeliner on first, to protect the lashes.

I found the Dolly Wink eyeliner (reviewed here) great because the thin line gave me something clear to aim for.

Maybe you can see in the photos, my lashes are naturally very long anyway.

This was difficult to deal with at first, but of course practice helped.

These are the lashes. I went for dramatic ones because I wanted to really see a change for my first time.

The wand applicator made the glue easy to paint on.

Finally it was time to bite the bullet and start sticking.

My first attempt wasn't nearly close enough to the natural lash line and I almost panicked.

Luckily, the glue doesn't dry very fast and you have plenty of time to push them into place with your fingertips or the base of tweezers.

This was the first one done.

I think it's not bad for a first-timer.

On the side farthest away from my nose you can see that the I didn't get the lash in close enough.

I kind of hid it with eyeliner, but it's certainly something to watch out for.

One on each eye.

I told you they looked cheap and the shine on them when I closed my eyes was shocking!

I was feeling pretty confident after the top lashes, so next I tried the lower ones.

This was a million times harder.

Most of my trouble stemmed from the fact that my own lashes kept getting in the way.

I couldn't work out whether it was better to put the false lashes over or under my own.

I tried both ways and neither of them worked that well, though I would guess that "over" is the right way.

A bit of a mess, as you can see.

Another problem that came from the lower lashes was the glue.

I spent so much time trying to get them into a good position that the glue got messy.

Of course I tried to clean it off but I woke up the next morning with....glue burn?

Does such a thing exist?

I guess the chemicals irritated my skin, although just in a tiny part where it had gotten messy.

That what you get for 100yen I suppose.

The final styling.

There are plenty of bloggers who know way more about lashes than me.

The purpose of this post is to show you that not everyone is doing it, but everyone can learn.

To the other lash-virgins out there - don't be afraid!

It's not as hard as it looks.

The second time I tried was much better than this (helped by getting better quality lashes) and since then I've gone out and about town wearing them.

You will certainly notice the extra weight on your eyes at first, but you get used to it.

Any advice from lash-fans is more than welcome!

Finally, the lovely Sasa is having a giveaway! Including some of her own work, wow! But...don't enter it, seriously. I want to win, haha!

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  1. I've never worn any false lashes, cause I'm wearing glasses most of the time and have no contacts :-) But I think they suit you quite well!! :-))

  2. LOL the title to this post was like "whaaat!" Very cute Miruku! hee hee glad you tried you'll be a pro in no time at tall!

    Pretty baby blue eyes btw :D

  3. I recently got into falsies too! I love criss cross ones~ You should check out ebay, they have a lot of 10 pairs kit for less then 3$, shipping included~

    Your natural lower lashes seem to be long enough to skip lower falsies =) Actually, my lower lashes are so long, I have to trim them once in a while otherwise they are just too long xD

  4. I might try them one day, but I have pretty strong lashes and a little mascara does a lot for me. Obviously false ones would look better but on my budget I'm not getting into it yet.

  5. Wow, these eyelashes are so flashy! But nice neverheless.
    The only "decent" eyelashes I have are a set I got at donki and they're pure plastic XD so they're difficult to put on D: and not so nice since you can't tell any difference (at least not if I'm wearing mascara).
    I'll wait to have a bit of cash and get better ones! haha I really want to go party with spectacular super-flashy eyelashes!

  6. They're so big, I like it~ I wonder what they look like from a distance, though.

    I've never worn fake lashes. I stare at them every time I enter Claire's or another beauty store, and then end up not buying them. Maybe next time~ I want to try too. :3

  7. i wear so much cos i have non existent lashes unlike ur gorgeous ones
    i advise u to use a pair of tweezers , that helps adjust it better

    i did a blog post on the questions i got for wearing fake lashes a while ago

  8. I started wearing lashes recently too (first time was during this trip) and now I feel naked/not cute without them! hehe^^

    I really like the style you chose. Imo it's best to pick as interesting lashes as you can. Well I guess the more subtle types are good for work/school^^

  9. Thanh Thao - Thank you! But I also wear glasses/contacts. I wore glasses when I used these lashes, the size was ok and it still looked cool! Maybe you can try it!

  10. Bianca - Haha, I was a bit naughty with the title but I couldn't resist!

  11. Shmuberry - Wow that's a great deal! I don't have a credit card though so I probably can't do it. It's interesting that you trim your lower lashes, maybe I'll try the same!

  12. Illness_Illusion - That's sound reasoning. If you can get some really good AND cheap ones you could try them but otherwise they're too short-lived IMO.

  13. Sasa - Donki has a great selection, right? I saw some with little jewels on them and they were so pretty! But they might be hard to wear though, soooo flashy!

  14. Pony - They look pretty good from a distance but not so good in the photos because they are poor quality. I used to work in Claires! I think they would be a good brand to start with. Good luck! And post about it!

  15. さらまり - I know what you mean, they get so addictive so quickly! I don't think I'd wear them just for a normal day at work though...probably I couldn't handle getting up a few minutes earlier to fit it in my schedule, haha!

  16. Yumeko - Thank you! My own lashes were so annoying for this. I will check out your blog post, thanks for the advice!

  17. If you give it a try, make sure to use rounded scissorsm just in case! And don't trim them too short~ that's just bad for your eyes in general =)

  18. Shmuberry - ok, thanks for the advice! It's a scary place to go near with scissors, haha!

  19. This was a really nice post. Reminded me of my first time trying on eyelashes. I really adore your blog. Come to Tokyo!! ;)

    Linked this in my Weekly Wrapup.

  20. Oh my God, sharing my crapness with the world! Thanks Hana, haha! To me it seemed like "everyone is wearing lashes except me, where do I begin?!?!". But it wasn't too bad, luckily! Thank you for linking me, you do a great service to baby-bloggers like myself. I'll try and come to Tokyo sooon!

  21. just arrived here. (hi!) lovely post, I bought some eyelashes as well to use on my doll but now that I read about them on many blogs, I'd like to try them too, just for fun... a bit scared though. so thanks for your post ^^

  22. Riechan - welcome to Milk Tea! <3 I think eyelashes are TOTALLY scary if it's your first time! Don't be afraid to make a mistake though, keep trying. Practice is the key. I guarantee you'll find the second time a million times easier than the first!

  23. That was good for your first try. But I think you should invest in some more realistic lashes so that they blend better. And they are supposed to be as close to the lash line as possible.

  24. Maybe you didn't notice but this post is 3 months old! Of course I'm not using the same set now. Thanks fo your comment anyway though!