Cirque du Poupée

12:50 AM

And a pretty picture of cake.

Hooray! It's Friday!

This evening I will go to Cirque du Soleil.

Their show "Corteo" is touring around Japan and I my friends and I got the best tickets money can buy.

Being able to go to big events like this is one of the reasons why I love Japan., it would never happen back home.

Has anyone else ever been to one of their shows?

Another reason why I love Japan is for their cakes.

Nobody does "European" like the Japanese!

The picture above shows a mini birthday celebration I had for my friend.

For just under 1000 yen each, we each got two mini cakes and a pot of tea.

I ate the cheese cake and the sponge cake, but couldn't finish them.

Cake sacrilege!

Finally, I signed up for the Poupée Girl website after seeing it on so many blogs.

What do I do? Do I make friends with other people?

Teach me please!

If I can figure out how I'll put a link on Milk Tea.

Yay for self-promotion!

Edit: Yay for others-promotion! The World's Sweetest Blogger Sara Mari is having a giveaway - check it out!

Nic Nic is giving away a ton of stuff, let's make our faces beautiful before summer!
Everyone is having giveaways recently, I want to do it too! Maybe if I ever get 50 followers? But it seems so crap compared to everyone else, haha!

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  1. I've been to Cirque du Soleil a few times :) Since I'm from Montreal and that's where it started, there is this permanent Cirque du Soleil craze here~

    You noticed too! Everyone is having a giveaway... I wrote a giveaway post: total, 6 giveaways going on right now!!

  2. I have also been to see cirque a few times, their shows are always amazing! ive actually met a few of their performers and taken classes from them! everyone is super cool! Yay for acrobatics!

    I hope you enjoy the show!

  3. wow, cirque du soleil! so cool! I'd love to go too, bit it's quite expensive D:

    and pupe is super cool x3 you'll die with how much new things come out and how slow you earn ribbons XD but once you assume that, everything's fine again.

    You can get an html code for the badge on pupe and then paste it on blogger as a gadget c: if you can't find the way I'll try to explain it again ^^
    oh, and if you click on my pupe in my blog, I think it links to my pupe no the site, so add me! :D

    (and 50 followers is just fine, I don't even have as much as you! haha)

  4. AA Poupee! ypu can add me on my poupee, if you want to! Lately, I am not so active myself on poupee, but I used to love it and comment and post a lot over there XDD

  5. Shmuberry - You're so lucky to live close! I was so impressed with the show, I wish I could see other storys. 6 giveaways?!?! I hope you win at least one! ;)

  6. Dolly - Wow!!! I can't believe you practiced with them! I'm so jealous, haha. Although I would be so crap at it, probabaly best I dont try!

  7. Sasa - thanks, I think I got my Poupée on my blog! It's so addictive and I feel so poor. Just like real-life shopping, haha!

  8. Thanh Thao - Ok, I'm going to try and find you! Thank you!