Let's All Go To The Circus

12:50 AM

Something new - an outfit post!

I've been trying a lot of new things this week.

Today I mustered up the courage to do an outfit post.

Be kind!

In honour of going to Cirque du Soleil, I wanted something bright and festive.

My "circus" concept.

The dress is from Beams. It's a halterneck maxi dress with a kind of tropical panelled pattern.

It was a little expensive, about 13000 yen or something. I love it though.

The rest of the items were dirt cheap though.

The cardigan is from Uniqlo, the belt is from a gal-brand knock-off store in E-Beans and I got the necklace in a 109 fukubukuro (lucky bag).

I don't have a full length mirror, so this kind of picture will have to do!

Clouds gathering over the big top in Sendai.

The show itself was wonderful.

The plot of Corteo involves a dying clown watching his funeral procession, but that's kind of hard to make out.

Basically it's scene after scene of comedy, sadness, unbelievable acrobatics and beautiful dance.

The costumes and the stages were stunning, I wish I could have taken photos!

Sendai is the last stop on Corteo's Japan tour.

I had never been to this kind of show before and didn't know what to expect.

What really impressed me was that the performers came out into the audience a lot and were accessible.

Also, the included all the old circus tricks like the tightrope, trapeze, juggling and seesaw.

Menu - a little expensive.

I had planned to buy snacks at the conbini, but my friend and I were running late as usual.

We were starved though and had no choice but to buy from the food stands at the circus.

It wasn't as expensive as we expected though - for some things.

We each got a cola, fries and chicken kara-age for 1000yen, pretty reasonable.

Calorific though, oh well.

Inside the entrance tent.

Because it was a Friday night, there were a lot of kids with their parents.

They really added to the magic and gave the place a festival feeling.

We had paid about 1man (10,000yen) for the best seats and it was worth every penny.

If we had sat further back we would have missed out on so many small details that made the characters so interesting, such as the girl fixing her make-up when she was supposed to be practicing music!

Corteo - sponsored by Daihatsu.

There were the usual kinds of souvenirs.

T-shirts, pens, key chains, snacks - but these were really overpriced.

It was a shame considering that the show and the food were good value for money.


It really was lovely to dress up and have such a unique night out.

I wish I could run away and join the circus.

It reminded me of Enid Blyton's circus series, although I can't remember the name...

After, at night.

Corteo gets an 11 out of 10 from me.

I haven't seen anything else by Cirque du Soleil in person so I can't compare, but it's totally different to seeing it on TV.

Afterwards we ate some yummy izakaya food and had drinks, huzzah!

Mango chu-hai, mmmmm!

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  1. I like your outfit, very cute for your first! post more more more hee!!!

    how exciting to go to Cirque, i always wanted to go but its like $300 here in the US :/ boo. and boo at souvenir shops too, i don't really need anymore junk anyways.

  2. I'm glad you liked it~ It's makes me happy when people say they enjoyed a Cirque du Soleil show, I always become a little bit patriotic~ haha

    I really like your dress!! It's lovely!! I agree with Bianca, more ourfit posts! yay

  3. Yay outfit post, the dress is really gorgeous and the colours are fantastic together. The show sounds like it was fun!

  4. That maxi dress is super cute, the colors are lovely. I think it's well worth the price tag, and with a nice piece like that it's a great idea to mix cheaper items.

    I'm glad to hear the Cirque show was so awesome!

  5. Lovely coordination! I like bright colours!

    How cool going to the circus, I have just been once as a kid! :-))

  6. Bianca - It was expensive here too. I don't know how dollars work but it might have been around...100 dollars? That's big for one night, but it was worth it. I'm not sure I'll ever get to see something like this again!

  7. Shmuberry - Well, thank you and your country for producing Cirque du Soleil! I'll try and do more outfit posts...pressure! ><

  8. Winnie - Thank you! It was fun throwing all those colours together. Fortunately they came out ok!

  9. さらまり - Yeah, somehow it's fun taking an expensive piece of clothing and mixing it with cheap/recycle stuff. I dont know why, maybe it make's us feel street smart?!?!

  10. Thanh Thao - I think Cirque du Soleil will tour Europe next, so maybe you will get a chance to go. I recommend it!