HAUL - Both Beauty and Food

12:50 AM

Oishii sou!

Today was one of those perfect days.

First I went to get my hair done. My stylist HONGOLIAN is an awesome guy who also DJs and really knows his fashion.

I wanted to contrast yesterday's colourful look with something edgy, so I went horror-kei.

Love the skulls!

It's a pretty unforgiving outfit but it looked a lot more balanced when I took my hair down.

Afterwards I went shopping with my best friend and got a massive beauty haul from Don Quixote.

Here are some of the things I will be reviewing soon:

Tsubasa Masuwaka Phone Charm Lip Balm

Candy Doll Candy Pink Lip Gloss

Shiseido Majolica Majolica Mascara

Assorted Deco Goodies

Deco glue

Afterwards we took some purikura to celebrate our new haircuts.

This machine surprised us by giving us a free hair accessory with our pictures!

Double happiness!

Blurry, but you get the idea.

Recently I had been dying for Lip Service's navy chain print maxi dress.

I love how it's navy and sweet, but a little tough at the same time.

Today I found a version that was half the price and just as cute!

It's more mini than maxi, but that's good in my book!

I got it in Vanity Glamour - I love when the packaging is as nice as the product!

The front has two long strips of material hanging from a buckle.

I got the last one in navy, black and grey just don't cut it!

A nice hole in the back to tease!

Finally we met up with HONGOLIAN again, who treated us to a yakitori dinner.

Soooo good!

If you have time, please check out HONGOLIAN's salon, ARUE.

I'm not getting paid for this or anything, but he's such a sweetie and would get a kick out of people from all over the world visiting his website.

He has a section with a lot of really beautiful hairstyle to try.

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  1. aaah deco parts! nice, nice!

    I'm glad you had a super nice day ^^ It's great when a lot of cool things happen on the same day x3

    And yay for purikuras with freebies! Where was it??

    Oh, and your stylist's site looks nice. I wish I could go and pay a visit! haha

  2. That food looks so yummy!

    And I like the things you bought! Looking forward to the reviews :3

  3. I'm curious about your haircutttt~!! haha

    I think it's cool to recommend good hairstylist, I always give my hairstylist a shout out when I get a haircut because she's so good and she's a sweetheart! Yay for awesome hairstylist!

    I'll make sure to pay a visit to Hondolian whenever I go to Japan =)

  4. Yummy food! Japanese food is one of the best on this world! :-))

    I love the purikura and how lovely to get a freebie, too! :-))

  5. Love the purikura and all your new things too! Can't wait to read what you make of them.

  6. Sasa - The freebie purikura machine was just a random one in a game centre. I didn't even notice that there were freebies until it popped out! The salon is so nice, maybe someday you can try it!

  7. Rii - I will review them as best I can, then you can try them when you come to Japan!

  8. Shmuberry - maybe I'll post a shot of my new hair. It's not really any different anyway, just retouched the same style. Yesterday HONGOLIAN did it in curls so you can kind of see it in the purikura!

  9. Thanh Thao - I love Japanese food too! Yakitori is so good, even though we ate some strange things like chicken hearts!

  10. Winnie - Me too, it's going to be an interesting week trying everything out!