Dolly Lips

12:50 AM

The cutest strap ever!

Have you seen this product before?

I didn't even know it existed, I just spotted it at random in Don Quixote.

It was hidden away under a lot of other stuff and the English-language blogosphere isn't throwing up much information so I wonder - is this a new product, an old product or an unpopular product?

Tsubasa looks so cute here, I love the "demure" styling.

It is what it says it is - lip balm.

There is no pigment in it, it goes on clear.

It's not particularly ling-lasting, just the kind of thing you'd need to protect your lips from strong weather.

It's not part of the Candy Doll range (I think), but it fits right in.

I have to say the packaging is better than the product.

The scent of the lip balm is a very, very, VERY strong menthol!

I was expecting something soft and lovely, but this is hardcore.

It's a little unappealing. I like menthol, but many don't and it certainly doesn't fit with Tsubasa's image.

You twist the end to push up the stick - unleash the menthol!

If you genuinely need a lip balm, then this is probably ok.

However, it's not a beauty product.

Also, you probably wouldn't want to be kissing anyone right away - not unless they like surprise chili lips!

The lip balm in action.

Let's be honest though - if it looks good, we want it, right?

I think this is a really sweet strap and fits well into my phone colour scheme.

That alone make it worth it in my opinion, yay!

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  1. What a cute and useful item!! :-))

  2. It's really cute but menthol? =P
    You're blog is so kawaii! ^^
    (I'm a new follower!)

  3. i got that as well but i kept losing the cap in my bag so i had to give up on it T-T

  4. Yeah, I saw that a couple weeks ago in a Donki as well. I think it just hasn't been noticed by the western audience yet. I passed it up since I already have several nice lip balms.

    And I'm glad I did, I don't like menthol smell very much at all! I imagined a more candy like smell, that would make sense.

  5. Thanh Thao - yes, and so convenient to carry on a phone!

  6. LexiTokyo - Hi, welcome to my blog and thanks for following! <3 Actually, menthol is a pretty popular flavour in Europe, I'm surprised that many people think it's strange!

  7. Yumeko - Ah! That's worrying! I hope I can keep it safe! I like it so much, haha!

  8. さらまり - Me too, I was totally surprised by the sharp scent. Well, I like it anyway. It's really refreshing. I just hope my lips don't get reliant on it...

  9. Oooh Menthol? A little unexpected from that cute packaging! Seems like you are building up quite the phone charm collection!

  10. Winnie - I know, I can't stop collecting charms. They're hanging off everything I own. I guess it's a cheap freebie for companies to use for promotion...