Exercise Fail

12:50 AM

You get what you pay for...

Recently I was trying to think of some good, free ways of exercising.

I like jogging but often I'm not free until it's too dark to go outside. And there's no way I could push myself to get up any earlier than I already do!

I'd really like to try an exercise video, but my walls/floors are paper thin.

Although if I could download one for free I'd be happy, haha!

I really don't want to pay for gym membership because I'm afraid that I'd just waste it.

So I saw hula hoops for sale in Don Quixote and I thought I'd give it a shot.

My big mistake - buying the one that only cost 500 yen. Doh!

It looked easy to assemble, so I was excited to try it.

Lots of pretty colours inside, so far so good!

It looks like a toy for children, but it turned out to be a veritable beast :(

The ends with this shape...

Are supposed to slot into the ones with THIS shape.

Unfortunately, they didn't rotate very well, so after every 3 pieces they would swirl around in a wave shape.

So close to working, but still so far.

I wonder if it's a total lost cause and whether I'm being punished for being a cheapskate.

But maybe when some man muscle might be able to twist it into shape?

I'm not going to throw it out yet anyway, I'll keep hoping.

Meanwhile, any suggestions of intersting home-based excercises are welcome!

P.S. Happy June

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  1. i feel so guilty cos my apartment in japan has a gym and i never go [it even has a heated pool..but i hardly go as well...shame on me]

    i admire ur efforts though!

  2. awww I'm sorrty the hula thing didn't work.
    But if you want some cheap excercice instructions, magazines like zipper and such sometimes come with photography-explained exercices. Easy to understand and do.
    If you can't find anything you like, I'll post the few pages I have tomorrow ^^

  3. ab workouts like crunches are good for apartments because they mostly involve sitting/laying on the floor but another alternative to make a hula hoop is to go to the local hardware store and buy some PVC pipe you think would be suitable and tape (or put a little wooden peg in)to hold it together you can even colour then with sparkly tape ^^

  4. There are a lot of good work out channels on youtube: short and free! You should check it out~ 

    and I laughed at the Hay ppMatsuJun~ hehe

  5. I have a hula hoop, and I think it is indeed a nice way to work out. But it's too bad that this hoop didn't work out, I just think making a hula hoop in pieces is not a good idea haha!

  6. Hula hoop!! How many years has it been since my last hula hoop working out!! That really brings back memories :-))

  7. Yumeko - Don't feel bad, it's only cos my bf is coming back to Japan for the Summer that I'm making a sudden effort!

  8. Sasa - I didn't know about Zipper! I just googled it and it looked useful. I'm going to see if I can find it, thanks!

  9. Dolly - do you think crunches work?!?! I was doing that but my friends told me that only builds muscle, therefore pushing tummy-fat out more. But they're super-skinny so I don't trust them, haha!

  10. Shmuberry - All the stuff I found on Youtube looked old and weird and American, haha! Well, I'll keep looking. If you know a good one, please tell me!

  11. さらまり - I guess I learned my lesson about being a cheapskate! I might head down to the sports outlet store and try and get a proper one. I'll get some funny looks bringing it home though!

  12. Thanh Thao - So nostalgic, right?!?! It used to be so much fun when I was a kid, I wanted to do it again!

  13. LOL what kinda hula hoop comes in pieces like that?! Let your lesson be learned

    (yay June..hehe)

  14. This makes me want to get a hula hoop..not one like that thou:D
    I like to do pilates,the exercises are easy(ish) to do and you don't need a whole lot of specialist equipment.Just a mat and dvd,though they recommend you take a few lessons just so you get your posture and breathing right.
    I use these 2~

    Ab crunchs/sit ups don't work if you have alittle bit of fat on your stomach as they tone the muscles underneth.

    Found this on my google search if its any use~

  15. Rayelle - but we live in the age of Ikea, so I assume everything can be flat-packed!

  16. Alanna - whoa, those links are great! Thank you! Now I have no excuse, haha. I remember trying pilates once, years ago...maybe this time I'll take to it!

  17. love junkun!! yay ^^ teehee
    now about the hulahoop. haha :D it reminds me of k'nex :D

  18. Riechan - always good to make a little time for Jun! You're right, it is like k'nex - but totally impossible!