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12:50 AM

Well, I do try and make the effort to read the short pieces, but sometimes I get lazy!

These are what I have been reading/purchase-planning from recently.

I don't have a scanner and can't really do this this kind of stuff in work, but if they look ok in photos then I'll put up some pages.

I used to just look at scans online, but disposable income + cool freebies changed my mind.

It was my first time reading all of these, so the following are just first impressions.

Sweet - brilliant! Best of the bunch. You could spend days browsing through it and it features brands that are affordable and trendy. I would say that this is aimed at college students and young professionals. It doesn't heavily favour any particular style, but there are bits of gal, mori and even loli in there. Something for everyone.

SG: free from Don Quixote so I didn't know what to expect. A lovely surprise. Very gal orientated with hair/make-up tutorials, fashion spreads and street snaps. It features cheaper brands and definitely has a fresh, younger look. It's quite a small magazine  and a bit cheap looking but hey, it was free!

InRed:  a bit meh to be honest. The problem is I'm not the target demographic I guess. InRed looks to be for women in their late 20s/30s who are settling down, dressing more conservatively and more expensive. It features more high class brands and while some - like Anna Sui - were interesting features, most of them didn't interest me. It's a good magazine, but not for me.

SG aside, the reason why I bought these titles was the free stuff included.

A Hello Kitty bag from Sweet. Perfect for carrying lunch!

Kind of military Hello Kitty.

Tsumori Chisato bag from InRed - waaaah! I can't believe they were giving TsuChi away, so happy!

Typical of the brand. It's noticeably better quality than typical freebies and well put together inside so that it can carry lots of things!

So, I'll try and take pictures of interesting fashion and make up sections during the week.

Today's big entertainment news - Kimura Kaela and Eita are having a baby and getting married!

I love happy news like this. They both seem like really cool people so I hope they make it.

Congratulations to them!

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  1. Oooh I love the freebies in Japanese magazines too. I can't read hiragana/Katakana so I spend my days buying magazines that I can happily just flick through! Did it take you a long time to learn to read Japanese?

  2. I am always tempted to buy magazines that don't target my demographic because they have great freebies haha!

    That SG free take magazine from Donki looks so interesting! Is it a Sendai only thing? I hope I can find in during my next trip hehe

  3. Japanese magazines always have the best freebies! My ex boyfriend gave me a JJ magazine one time and the freebie was Coach + Poppy hair cubes!

  4. I love Japanese magazines. :)
    Those are really cute bags!

  5. I love japanese magazines! We have them here, too in our localjapanese book store but they cost a whole fortune due to import.

    The freebies are a cool reason to buy those mags!

  6. Awww ;^; pretty Tsumori Chisato bag *wants*

  7. Tutti Patuti - yep, very cute! <3

  8. Winnie - Oh I'm a long way from being able to read a whole magazine. If you try, hiragana and katakana can be learned very quickly. Kanji is an ongoing process! But in magazines the same characters pop up again and again, so it's good practice!

  9. さらまり - well it's ok every once in a while, right?!?! ;) It looks like SG comes out every 2 months and (as far as I can tell) can be found in all Donkis. Yay!

  10. Shmuberry - Oh, that's a good freebie! Too bad he's an ex, haha!

  11. LexiTokyo - Very cute, right? The magazines are great because there are so many useful pictures if you don't read Japanese!

  12. Thanh Thao - When I lived in Europe I was always so depressed because Japanese import magazines were so expensive! But if you get a freebie then it's not too bad, right?

  13. Sasa - This bag is a small version of a bigger one sold in shops. They recommend that the bags be put tempting!

  14. the bags are super duper lovely <3 and of course who wouldn't love hello kitty!!

  15. Saving Capulet - No matter how much Hello Kitty stuff I see, Sanrio always manages to bring out something new that impresses me. I love this collab!

  16. I like to buy mags for the gifts too!

  17. diyanahomie - Sometimes they are just irresistible!