Shibuya Gal 10/04/15: Model Presentation

12:50 AM

Get the look!

As I said yesterday, I don't have a scanner at home, apologies.

However, I hope the photos from SG magazine are of some use!

This section is called "Model Presentation" where the models share their favorite beauty tip of the month.

Mika Nakamura/22/155cm/38kg

A relatively subtle eye, Candy Doll (pink) on her cheeks, Kate (pink) on her lips.

Yuriko Konda/21/168cm/44kg

Dramatic eyes, MARS (pink) on her cheeks, NYX on her lips

Phana Hiranuma/22/152cm/37kg

All about the lower lash which is placed away from the eye to make it look bigger, pale cheek and lips.

Saori Hoshi/20/162cm/44kg

Focus on the nails - super long!

Long and white, with a large pink jewel and small pearls.

Risa Yoshida/22/157cm/36kg (ZOMG short hair!)

Chisato Inagawa/20/152cm/39kg

Nozomi Togasaki/19/162cm/39kg (that hair...T.T)

So, who's your favourite?

I like Risa Yoshida because she has the same hairstyle as me.

Although I want to grow my hair out, it's refreshing to see a shorter style amongst all the usual looks.

I also really like Phana's lower lash technique - but I don't feel confident to try it yet!

I have to say again, this is amazing from a free magazine.

Next up will be the fashion spreads, street snaps and other bits and pieces.

Bonus: Mika Nakamura's university graduation ceremony!

Glammed up hakamas are the order of the day.

(L-R) With her boyfriend of 6 years (not hot IMO), her cute mum, showing her hairstyle - love the flowers!

I like her graduation outfit, it's less garish then some of the ones that I have seen in real life.

Congratulations Mika!

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  1. My favourites are Saori Hoshi and Phana Hiranuma because of their hair, nails and make-up :33 <3

    And omg - I love Mika's graduation hair-style!

  2. Lovely fotos! Japanese models are so cute! :-)

  3. I love this "Model Presentation" idea! =) Wish they'd do that in Western mags. I think I like Mika's most! She is really pretty.

    P.S You on a diet? It doesn't look like you need to be, darling! =)

  4. Oh thank you for sharing the models' photos! I personally like Saori Hoshi best, she looks really fun hehe^^

    Although when I look over their weights it's like their height minus 115-120. So I should be 58 kg to be a way, sorry! haha!

    I wish wish wish I could wear a beautiful outfit like they do in Japan when I graduate Uni. All we get is ugly black robes huh? haha^^

  5. Rii - The nails are so dramatic, right?!?! Can you imagine living like that? Even little things like using a knife and fork would be impossible. But so pretty!

  6. Thanh Thao - Soooo pretty, I hate them! haha

  7. Shop N' Chomp - It's a really good idea! It's stuff like this that make Japanese models much more accessible and "real" compared to Western ones. Although they don't have to deal with international fame usually... I'm on a mini diet. I don't think I'm fat but I'd like to generally eat healthier and lose a few kilos. But I want chocolate always!

  8. さらまり - I wanna party with Saori, haha! I'm crap at maths but if I follow your formula, I'd have to basically weigh HALF of what I do now. Life wouldn't be worth living! I graduated last year and I wore the black robes - it's pretty cool actually cos you can wear anything you like underneath. But you also get to do the old tradition too. I think you'll enjoy it :)