12:50 AM

A new hobby.

I think I'm a faddy person.

I keep thing "oh, that looks fun" or "oh, I must try that" about everything I see.

So my home is littered with how-to kits, some of which never get used.

The latest idea of mine was to take up sewing.

I'd like to be able to make simple things and maybe some attempt clothes or accessories.

I did it a little bit when I was at school but I was lazy so I relied on my mum to help me!

Above is the Cath Kidston sewing kit. I guess I've become addicted to her prints!

Compared to my hand - it's huge!

The cute blurb promising to make 1950s housewives of us all.

I loooove the print so much, it's so fresh!

The reverse.

Inside is full of home ec. goodies!

Various things that I didn't own before but seem useful - measuring tape, mini pen/place marker, pins, ruler, mini scissors, case thingy, thread.

And a pretty pin cushion.

A how-to book of simple home repairs.

My reasoning was that if it's beautiful I'm more likely to use it.

I hope it's true because the button came off a shoe that I like.

So, I'm going to try and fix it.

I might seriously injure myself with a needle, so if you don't hear from me again...tell Vivienne Westwood that I love her.


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  1. I will pass on your message to Vivienne I promise!!

    That's so cute! I'm tempted to get it myself on the same premise! I got scorned recently for saying I couldn't fix a torn seam on a dress so I'm determined to prove them wrong but this may prove to be all talk in the end!!!

  2. yay, cute!
    Cath Kidston has lots of cute things, and I'm sure this kit will be super useful!

  3. oh that's gorgeous!
    nothing like a fancy kit to get u started!! all the best!!

  4. My mom was a semi-professional costumer before I was born, and I had to learn sewing in Jr high so I basically was sewing since I was a kid. It can be quite useful for repairs like you mentioned.

    That kit is super cute!

  5. That is one seriously cute kit! Cath Kidston makes the cutest prints. =) Have fun with it!!

  6. lucieliu - You have to try! Me too! We can motivate each other, let's challenge sewing!

  7. Sasa - I hope it will be useful! Otherwise it's just a waste of money T.T

  8. Yumeko - Well, considering I'm a beginner, maybe I should have started with something cheap. But this was so lovely, I couldn't resist!

  9. Shmuberry - Adorable, right? Love it!

  10. さらまり - Oh your mum is so cool! You should post some of her creations. You're lucky that you can do this kind of stuff, I hope I can learn!

  11. Shop N' Chomp - Cath Kidston love, yay! I hope I have fun with it too, but at this stage I'd settle for just being able to work it, haha!