Deco Delight

12:50 AM


I bit the bullet!

After weeks of faffing around and delaying the process, I finally took my first steps into the world of deco today.

In hindsight, I suppose I should have practiced first - oh well!

I spent a long time trying to think of what kind of design to use, finally I decided that it wouldn't be cheating too much if I used an all-included kit.

I got these in Don Quixote:

Glue and applicator set.

The poor grammar and lack of capitalisation in the product name annoyed me, but I think I need to lighten up on these things :)

As soon I opened the pack, I realised that it came with tongs and glue included.

Which made the other stuff I had bought a bit of a waste. Oh well!

What I started out with - extra glue and scissors were soon discarded.

Why on Earth did I think I'd need scissors?!?!

The Nail Garden pack had lots of pretty things inside.

Exciting to open!

Boring stuff at the back!

Included: tongs glue, half white pearls, half pink pearls, small pink diamante, two pink cream swirls, one gold crown, two hearts, one cookie, two ice creams, one cake.

Anyway, first I practiced laying the border.

I didn't want the bother of practice, but it really helped me get used to the tongs so I think it's important to do. 

The first plan.

Staying in control of the glue was quite hard and got a bit messy around the edges.

Because my phone has a mini-screen on the front, I made a second border for that.

However, I decided that it wouldn't leave enough room for everything else so I changed the plan a little.

The border of pearls is stuck on, this was my plan for the decorations.

All done!

To fill in the gaps, first I stuck in some large-ish pink pearls.

Then I filled in the smaller gaps with tiny pink jewels.

All the way through I was really happy with the amount of supplies included, but unfortunately there weren't nearly enough small jewels.

Still, I think they are the easiest thing to find more of, so I can buy some tomorrow.

Anyway, this is what I got done so far:

Almost finished!

I'm really happy with the result.

I was afraid I'd be embarrassed by it, but I can't wait to show it off!

I think blogging has pushed me to try new things, such as false eyelashes, sewing and now deco.

So thanks to all my lovely readers, I couldn't have done it without you! <3

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  1. haha I'm starting to see you as a big Donki fan! They'll soon start to welcome you as if you were a part of the store! haah

    But your phone came out nice! If you like it, then that's what matters ^^ I'm sure you have a lot of other things deco-ables, so you have lots of oportunities to practice.

  2. Your design is absolutely adorable!! Soon enough, you'll be decoing eveything around you~ hehe

  3. Fabulous job! It looks soo cute. *^_^* The kits are genius.

    P.S I have no clue about the gold thing. I think I missed that part. But oh well, it couldn't hurt right? Hehe...

  4. congrats on finishing your first deco piece!

  5. Looks so cute! I love Japanese deco stones! :-))

  6. CUTE~~!! I just love the deco pieces you chose^^ and it's going to look just perfect when you are finished. I wish I had a flip phone so I could do deco too.

  7. Sasa - Yeah, I should get a discount in Donki cos I buy so much there, haha!

  8. Shmuberry - I know! I have quite a lot of pearls left over and my laptop is just begging for them!

  9. Shop N' Chomp - Yeah, it's a nice idea to produce the kits. Otherwise all the choices are so overwhelming!

  10. Yumeko - Thank you very much!

  11. Thanh Thao - Yep, this is such a cute Japanese thing!

  12. さらまり - Thanks for the encouragement, most of my friends don't like it. Yay for internet communities! Even if you don't have a flip phone, I bet there are plenty of things you could deco!

  13. So cute! I want to deco something too, My sister deco'd her Ipod and It's so cute!

  14. You should do it! Probably best to start on something unimportant...but I didn't, haha!

  15. Oh it turned out really well! It looks much better than my first deco project XD Lovely!

  16. Violet LeBeaux - That's high praise coming from you! Thank you <3