Happy Lolita Day

12:50 AM

Sweet French goodness.

Apparently today is International Lolita Day.

I'm no lolita, but it seemed like a good excuse to dress up a little.

However, today was so rainy that it wasn't worth it, boo!

Instead I went with my friend to have a lolita lunch (well, that's what it was in my head - she didn't know!).

We went to Qu'il Fait Bon (キルフェボン) which is a French-style cake cafe.

They have branches all over Japan, so I recommend it to anyone living here or just visiting.

It's quite expensive, one slice of cake can be 1000yen!

They're not all that pricey though, today I paid 1300yen for cake and tea.

My friend's Red Fruit Tart.

Somehow if there's fruit on the cake it doesn't seem so naughty to eat!

My Kumamoto Green Melon cake.

I guess it doesn't look as pretty as the Red Berry Tart, but it tasted great!

Green melon seemed like a strange topping but it's only available in June so I wanted to try it.

Somehow the fresh, sweet flavour really worked well with the crust. It all seemed to melt in my mouth...magical!

You can take a look at their menu here.

If you can't visit the cafe, maybe it will inspire you to make a delicious cake!

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  1. yummy i love cake cafes
    have u been to the comme ca cafe?
    its my fave fruit cake/tart store

  2. I love how that melon cake is piled high with the good stuff! I wonder if the fruit is in anyway related to honeydew? B/c it kinda looks like it. Anyhow, thanks for the rec! :)

  3. Yumeko - We have Comme Ca in Sendai but either it's always full or I'm broke. Why are the best cakes so expensive?!?! I'll try and go soon if you recommend it!

  4. Shop N' Chomp - Yep, almost healthy! I don't know if it's related to honeydew, but it's a speciality produce of Kumamoto, so maybe a Japanese cousin!

  5. Shmuberry - Welcome to my life, I always want cake!

  6. Saving Capulet - You'll have to make next year's day extra-special then!

  7. Wow...I love cakes! I love all types of cakes and pastries in fact. They're so sweet and lovely~ ^^ Lucky you, get to enjoy such lovely treats. *Drool... XP

  8. Erika Toh - Yay for cakes! I think every city has a cake shop, right? We can all enjoy delicious treats!