Lash Relapse

12:50 AM

Taking things up a notch!

This isn't quite current, but I wanted to follow-up from my first attempt at wearing lashes.

For round number two, I went for a slightly higher quality pair, but they only cost about 300yen or something.

The most important thing was that this glue didn't BURN MY SKIN like the 100yen shop one, haha!

Actually, that's not funny at all! :(

Useless close-up of the lashes in the box.

I treated myself to Tsubasa Masuwaka's lash case. I feel like a brand whore.

Hello Tsubasa, thanks for taking all my money...

Boring stuff on the back that nobody reads.

It's cute but not THAT special I think. We're paying for the brand name.

Inside, pink and plastic.

Here are the lashes in question.

They were definitely better than the 100yen set, but still a little plasticy looking.

I've used them three times already though and they're still in good condition.

I accidentally pulled out a couple of strands when I was cleaning them but the webbed pattern of the lashes hid the gap. Phew!

Oily skin, no make up etc, but you get the idea ;)

All in all I think these were a good buy.

I'm moving on to Dolly Winks next though, I have a box of No.2 waiting to be opened.

In other happy news, Mr. Miruku and I have booked a couple of nights in a fancy looking Tokyo hotel for next week.

Yay for Disney and shopping!

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  1. Really like those lashes! 300Yen? Great!! Gonna buy those!

  2. Those lashes are really cute, the package is cute too. I think the shape of them really suits your eyes.

    I also got the Dollywink eyelash case, it's really just a cheap plastic case haha!

    I'm looking forward to seeing posts about your trip to Tokyo, that's so exciting! ^^

  3. I think these lashes fit your eyes a lot better then the previous ones =D

    I was thinking of buying the Dolly Wink case but the more I see it... the more I think I can use a basic case and deco-it...hehe

  4. Loving the lashes! I've had a few pairs for a long time but always found them so fiddly when it came to getting ready. I recently bought some stick on ones and they work a treat and are so easy to use too!

  5. They look great on you! You have such pretty blue eyes. :) Have fun in Tokyo!!

  6. Saving Capulet - Not beautiful, but not bad ;)

  7. Rii - Great! I can't remember the brand name, but I see them everywhere. Especially in chemists for some reason!

  8. さらまり - Well my Tokyo posts wont be as exciting as your Tokyo posts, I'm just looking forward to a break from work!

  9. Shmuberry - Yeah, there's nothing wrong with the Dolly Wink case per se...but it's not that much better than any other case, especially for that price. Still, there's no reason why we can't have lots of cases!

  10. Winnie - so they just stick on without glue? That sounds so handy! Especially if they're reusable!

  11. Shop N' Chomp - You're too kind, haha. But I think everyone has nice eyes, don't they?!?!

  12. Wow, lovely eyelashes!! Maybe I should try them, too?? Oh wait, I'm wearing glasses all the time, I guess that doesn'z look very good XDDD

    Looking forward to your posts from Tokyo! It must be so exciting! :-))

  13. Thanh Thao - somehow I don't think that would work, haha. You could always try contacts, that's what I use!

  14. Riechan - Thank you! I hope it got better, haha.

  15. cute cute, dont forget to bend them, unless you already do, that will allow them to form to your eye and prevent them popping up on the ends ;)

  16. Bianca - I learned that it's basically impossible to wear them unless I do that, haha! Although it can make for some interesting lash shapes...