Dark Alice

12:50 AM

I don't really wear much lolita fashion...

...but I sure do love using lolita accessories!

And everyone knows of my penchant for all things Alice.

This purse is by the Japanese brand Swimmer

I really like this brand because it fits with both a  full-on lolita lifestyle or one that just likes to add touches of charm here and there.

Like my "Rock Chic" bag, I found this purse at my local recycle shop.

Thanks to a series of reductions, it cost 150 yen.

I can't emphasise enough the value of a little hard work in these shops.

A perfect coin purse or gadget case.

I love this "Dark Alice" concept, a nice way of avoiding the blue and plaid cliches.

In other news, today I returned from my stay at the onsen town of Naruko.

Tomorrow I'll post about the do's and don'ts of onsen visits, as well as some Naruko-specific info.

Short Preview: Let's onsen!

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  1. It's cute! I would keep my camera in there :)

  2. Yeah, it's perfect for a camera. I was using it for my old one. But now I'm not sure what to do with it...

  3. It's cute but a little edgey too, don't you think? That's why I love it <3

  4. cute!! I really enjoy this much better than cliche gingham :)

  5. I really used to love the blue gingham, but since the Tim Burton film came out it's just over-kill. Well, the original story is pretty dark at points too, so this fits well!

  6. I just can't enter Swimmer, or all my money will magically disappear from my wallet. Haha. This litle pouch is so cute, and it looks useful too!

    I'm sorry to hear that the Lippy collab wasn't up to par, but I do agree. I thought most of it is just meh haha.

  7. Well, considering that the Lip Service products were being sold in a conbini, I guess we shouldn't have expected too much. And I'll probably still end up getting one or two things anyway. I may even steal your choice of the mint green!