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12:50 AM

Freebie! A handy travel bag from Lip Service.

Yesterday I showed you my new dress and vest combo from Lip Service.

Because I spent 1man in the shop, I got this beautiful travel bag for free.

I can't believe such a lovely and useful thing was just an added bonus!

Even the packaging was classy.

The slow reveal....I'm such a tease, haha!

As you can see, the print matches the maxi dress. Unfortunately, the turquoise print was limited edition and I didn't get it. But it would probably be a bit over the top to have EVERYTHING matching!

I was expecting a little make-up sized bag, but this is huge.

The natural light shows the print and material clearer. The outside is plastic, totally waterproof, making perfect for onsen trips!

The Lip Service logo is subtle on the front. I love that it's not printed all over the bag.

If I hold it up, you can see that the size and shape are like a pretty big handbag.

Leather-style handles. Poor quality but they look nice!

It can open in three ways. This side has 2 long zipped compartments for curlers, straighteners etc (right side of the pic). The left side of the photo shows one large unzipped section for larger items.

The middle opens up like a handbag. Netting separates it into 3 compartments, one of which has small strapping for pens, make-up brushes, etc.

The other side of the bag, split in to two photos. Here you can see 2 half-sized zipped pockets and 1 long zipped pocket. Also, a really clever inclusion is the metal hook to hang it from the seat in front of you when travelling.

The other side of the same side (confusing? Sorry!). This has a row of thin net compartments for make-up brushes, etc. A plastic flap lays down to cover the tips of the brushes.

This is the whole thing laid out. Can you see the zip running down the middle? That's because the middle section of the bag can be removed completely if it doesn't fit your plans.

Isn't this a great bag?

What were Lip Service thinking giving it away for free???

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  1. It's so cute and uber stylish ;D
    I really love it, so pleased you got to grab one.

    p.s Sorry I was accidently signed into my boyfriends account before /headdesk XD

  2. bloomzy - that's ok, haha! We've all been there ;) Well, I wasn't so impressed by the bag when I saw it in promo shots. It was only when I got home that I realised what a great bag it is, how lucky!