12:50 AM

Love those Rilakkuma puns!

Japan + freebies = win!

It has gotten to the point where I refuse to buy a drink unless it comes with something free/cute/useful.

The amount of little charms and key chains that I have built up over my time is ridiculous.

Every so often, something genuinely useful comes along.

At the moment I'm collecting these Rilakkuma mini ball pens that come free with bottles of tea.

Cute and tasty!

They come in pink (for me), green (for Mr. Miruku) and blue (saved to give away).

Actually, I haven't gotten the blue one yet.

Must try harder.

I get paid on Friday and I'm currently making a list of things I want to buy.

Sunglasses, BB cream, deco materials, lingerie, futon cover, Doc Martins, ankle boots...

and clothes. Always clothes.

It looks like my pay cheque is gone before it even arrives!

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  1. i wish we have more of those here! lacking cuteness in my country!

  2. Oh!! I have to go hunt this down tomorrow hehe^^ Thanks for sharing. I just love free-bies on drinks!

  3. ;A; super cute!!
    I wish drinks here came with rilakkuma stuff! and not the usual useless-non cute stuff they come with XD

    I love how you already planned all the stuff you're going to buy once you get your money. I always think of those, but never write them down, so when I actually have the money, I buy on impulses... orz

  4. cuuute! and giveaway--yay! me wanty! I plan my money out too, I'm always broke before I get paid...:P

  5. I LOVE those freebies and omake, it is a reason to buy a drink I don't even like, hahahaha!

    Last year I was able to get Natchan's Miffy straps!! Sooo cute!!! Why can't we have that here too??? XDD

  6. Funnily enough, after reading your blog, I am so tempted to find some gems to deco my phone now. According to my youngest sister there are places you can get them done in the UK, but I might just ask my family in Hong Kong to send me some cute stickers or something! Hmmmm!

  7. You guys get freebies with your drinks? *dies*

  8. Saving Capulet - Then bring the cute yourself!

  9. さらまり - I hope you find it! These would make great souvenirs for people too!

  10. Sasa - Planning my shopping is not so much about me not impulse buying, but more about me teasing myself in advance!

  11. Bianca - I used to have a part-time job that payed me twice a month. Looking back that seems like heaven compared to once a month now!

  12. Thanh Thao - the freebies are great, but it's annoying if you don't like the drink. Luckily there are many options with free things, so I think you will like something!

  13. Winnie - are there places in the UK you can hire to do it? I didn't know that! But I think it's more fun to try it ourselves. A fun challenge!

  14. Shop N' Chomp - not with every drink!....Just most of them, haha!

  15. Shop N' Chomp - yeah, no complaints here!