Outside of My Comfort Zone

12:50 AM

Made from the finest organic Japanese fruit and vegetables.

It takes a lot to get me to leave the city.

Don't get me wrong, I like the countryside, but I don't have a car and there are plenty of things to do in Sendai itself.

One place that is worth the journey though, is Rice Field.

The place is run by a family and friends collective and they grow most of what they serve in the fields around the restaurant.

The food above is from their lunch menu.

The pizza is quite simple with cheese and corn. Good cheese is a rarity in Japan though and the flavour of this pizza was immense. A tiny drop of the recommended spicy sauce worked a treat.

The drink was even more delicious. It was a blueberry...something. Mainly juice, but approaching milkshake and smoothie territory. I have never tasted anything like this any where else. So much blueberry, yum!

The interior has a vaguely rustic Hawaiian theme, as the owner is passionate about the islands. He even hosts a Hawaiian music night once a month.

He speaks a little bit of English, but is more than willing to spend hours chatting with customers  - better to try Japanese though. When I went with my friend he insisted on lending us some CDs from his vast collection and taught us about the intricacies of the Hawaiian melodies.

It's personal touches like that, coupled with great food, that makes me want to go back again and again.

Unfortunately, I'm reliant on the charity of my friends to drive me there and it's over an hour's driving.

However, if you happen to visit Miyagi, please try Rice Field!

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  1. Oh Sara Mari want pizza!! Haha, it looks really delicious^^ I wonder why Japanese alway use corn on pizza, I think other veggies are more flavorful. Anyhow, I would love to try that^^

  2. mmmm I like japanese pizza, great pic.

    ( \ /)
    ( . .)

  3. I never liked Japanese pizza much. They taste strange even if they say it taste good.

    But I bet that pizza was good

  4. Sounds like a great place! I like Japanese pizza. I love how it was paired with that blueberry goodness. :D

  5. Sandra - If it comes in pink - Me too! I want some now!!!

  6. Saving Capulet - and it's better than it sounds!

  7. Shanna - Sooooooo gooooooooooood!

  8. さらまり - Usually I don't really enjoy corn on a pizza, but this was sweet and full of flavour. Maybe because it's organic? I don't know! At least there wasn't pineapple too...

  9. Damajessica - thanks! It looks better than most of my food pics! That rabbit is so cute!!!

  10. Emmelie ♥ - I don't have any problem with Japanese pizza. Of course some is good, some is bad - same as the rest of the world!

  11. Shop N' Chomp - It was the blueberry drink that made it so special for me. It's unusual to have such a strong flavour!

  12. Winnie - yeah, it really was good!