How Not To Die

12:50 AM

Recently I was sick.

Nothing too serious, just a cold I caught from my friend.

I guess this is a problem that anyone could find themselves in when visiting Japan, so I thought I'd share my advice on how to take care of yourself.

I lucky to have many kind co-workers to recommend products to me.

The shops have so many options that otherwise I wouldn't have known which to choose.

From the left, first we have Contac 600 Plus.

This can be bought over-the-counter with no difficulty.

Google suggests that this is a global brand, but I had never heard of it before.

It's main effect is to dry up your nose, so that you're not sneezing and sniffing everywhere.

I thought it was fantastic, I don't think I would have been able to stay in work without it.

Next up is a packet of face masks.

These are so popular in Asia. Generally the point is not to protect yourself from airborne germs and pollution.

Instead, they prevent your germs from spreading to the people around you.

How considerate!

At first you feel like an idiot wearing them, but you soon get used to feeling and people will appreciate your efforts.

Pro-tip: draw a smiley face on the mask to brighten every one's day!

Finally, I took Anierushotto energy drinks everyday that I was sick.

I don't know how the brand romanises the name - Aniel Shot? Who knows?

The bottles are small but taking one around 10am each day really kept me going or picked me up when I was feeling weak.

There are a lot of faddy drinks like this, but I can honestly say that Anierushotto is a good choice.

Buying everything together cost me almost 3000 yen, but I guess it's worth it to be healthy.

I'd better say, this is what worked for me.

They might poison, kill, eradicate, impregnate or decimate you. Miruku accepts no responsibility!

However, if you find yourself under the weather in Japan, you might want to try these ;)

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  1. Ah thank you!! I get so worried about finding proper medicines when traveling overseas! I try to bring tons with me but you can run out X:! This was super helpful :)

  2. Thanks, that would be good for me to know, cause I'm in Japan for longer soon, when I get sick give me some nice advice again!! (Or I just have to bring tons of German medicine, hahaha!)

  3. This entry is so useful, thank u very much for the advice! :3

  4. Funny, for those masks to really work you need to use like 60 in a day ♥

  5. I keep wondering what I will do if I get sick and Japan and have to face the medicine aisle with my basic level reading skills haha!I will keep these products in mind.

    Although I think it's really sad people have to fill their bodies up with chemicals so they can keep working and stuff. People should be able to stay home, relax, and fight it off more naturally.

  6. Haha...I love your disclaimer. XD Funny how you mentioned that face masks aren't really for pollution protection. I wore these on a recent trip to China for this very! The pollution was just too much. Considering I'm in the smog capital of the U.S, that is saying a lot. =\

  7. lol in japan they have got all strange things :D

    I hope you are feeling better now ;3;

  8. Jenny -also, many medication that is ok in some countries is illegal in Japan. So we have to be careful about that or else there will be trouble in customs!

  9. Thanh Thao - I hope you don't get sick! But if you do I will help you!

  10. Rii - Medicine is not beautiful or cute, but it is very important. I hope this was useful!

  11. Emmelie ♥ - Well, I don't think you need to wear it all the time. The most important thing is to wear it when you are with lots of other people, for example on a train.

  12. さらまり - Unfortunately, you the Japanese working way of life. My colleagues almost never stay home and if they do they use paid holiday days rather than sick days. It's so unfair, but hard to fight the system I guess.

  13. Shop N' Chomp - I've never lived in particularly polluted cities so I can't imagine that! It must be so annoying to wear it all the time, but better than breathing in bad air...

  14. Kanako_ageha - Even if they are strange, they work! Now I am totally healthy!

  15. Yumeko - I'm ok now, thank you!