House of Cards

12:50 AM

What do you think this is for? Money? Make up?


This is a card holder, a necessity for life in Japan.

When you meet professionals here, you will probably be given their meishi (business card).

Of course, you can always store their details in your phone afterwards, but it's good form to carry their card.

That's only the second best thing about card holders though...

The best thing is...point cards!

Almost every shop in Japan has point cards or loyalty cards.

I get discounts on clothes, coffee, books, music, concerts, hair cuts, food, home ware - everything!

When I bought my new purse, I made sure that it had plenty of pockets for point cards.

Even so, it wasn't nearly enough!

I looked at some brand-name card holders, but in the end I chose this one from Pinkyteen.

It's so cute!

I bought it at the 100 yen shop.

Somehow it felt appropriate to buy this money-saving item for such a low cost!

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  1. thats so cute i wish i had that much cards that i can buy one for tihs price!

  2. I love point cards! but i always feel like I'm saving money but in fact I'm probably buying more to get points. haha!

  3. So cute! I have so many loyalty cards but most of them I rarely use now!

  4. Oh what a super cute card holder! I love the blue with strawberries design^^

    I have only one point card here in Japan (to a cheap jewelry shop I will never go to again probably) because after they ask me if I have a point card I just shake my head with this look O-O so I'm guessing they think I'm a tourist/don't speak any Japanese. haha!

  5. omg point cards..yes i have to carry a huge folder of those wherever i go!! XD
    but some are so hard to earn the discount in the end/ takes forever

  6. Shanna - Yes, for some reason point cards are not so popular in Europe. I wish more shops had them!

  7. mr. pineapple man - that's certainly possible, haha! Some of my point cards weren't actually free. They make you pay to sign up to the scheme, which makes me go back to the shop more so that I can get my money's worth, thus spending even more!

  8. Winnie - the reason I didn't use my cards was because I could never keep track of them. If you you a case like this you can just throw it into your handbag when you go out!

  9. さらまり - Just tell them "point card ga hoshii" and they'll be happy to give you one. Unless it's the kind of shop that requires a phone number and address, etc. But I can't believe that you don't have one for Mr. Donut!!!

  10. Yumeko - yes, some cards only work if you are very, very, VERY loyal! But also I like using them because they make me feel part of the community and less of a foreigner!

  11. Hiya!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog!! :) Handsewing for dummies can be arranged most certainly! X

  12. I still have a few point cards from the last time I was in Japan! Never got arround to get any discount thought XD

  13. Becky - Fantastic! I need a new hobby to take up for a while and then discard in absolute failure ;)

  14. Sasa - Well, they make nice little souvenirs anyway! You can look back and remember all the places that you went to.