Could You? Do You?

12:50 AM

People just can't agree... it wrong to wear fur for the sake of fashion?

This dress caught my eye as I was walking in the city one night.

It looked absolutely stunning the way it was lit-up, the photo doesn't do it justice.

But I don't think I could wear it.

I have mixed notions of animal cruelty, expense, carcasses and moths that all result in me thinking that fur is something best left alone.

However I do wear leather and love eating meat, so I'm in no position to judge those who do.

While I accept the fact that many animals are kept in unfit conditions until they are skinned, I'm not convinced that it correlates to the vast gap in how we view fur and leather in fashion.

The fur-made accessories were cute, if a little morbid.

I bought a faux-fur hat in Hiroshima a couple of years ago.

I was enjoying the luxury-vibe until an acquaintance started trying to convince me that it was really rabbit fur.

At the time, my Japanese was so poor that it took me a long time to make out that the tag read "100% Acrylic" in katakana.

While I was wondering, my emotions shifted from concern over the ethical implications of wearing fur, to guilty pleasure in owning something so decadent, to a mild revulsion that I had dead animal on my head.

I'm not sure what I would have done if the fur had been real.

Nonetheless, fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Anna Sui use fur.

While I wouldn't buy it from them, I doubt I could turn down a free gift, even if it was fur.

I think I find myself ever-so-slightly on the anti-fur side of things, but it sure didn't stop me from admiring that black and white dress...

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  1. i hate it.. the way they to it.. is so bad... because they dont kill the animals, they dieing when the people cut the bodys off... ...

  2. I bought rabbit fur scarf from Chinatown in London and in honesty, I've never thought of it as anything other than a fluffy scarf...I hate to admit this but I just don't think about it...I've never been really opinionated on animal rights, although that doesn't mean I don't think that it's cruel AT ALL, it just doesn't cross my mind when I'm wearing it..

    I think I'd feel differently if I was wearing one of those ENORMOUS fur coats you can get, or a foxfur stole or something but with my bunny scarf, I forget it's real tbh...

  3. Personnally, I would never buy a coat made out of fur... but a few items once in a while is ok I guess...

    It would hypocritical for me to say I'm against fur because I love leather. I do my reasearch tho and I try to buy from brands who don't mistreat animals badly. PETA like to make everyone believe that fur = torture but it's not always the case.

  4. I don't eat much meat, but I'm not vegetarian. I know humans were biologically designed to eat meat.

    However, I think that we treat animals so disgustingly. At every level they are treated like commodities rather than living beings.

    Anyway, I don't like fur items, fake fur is so realistic looking now, there is no need to kill something just to decorate yourself.

  5. Shanna - that's what worries me. If I knew the history of a piece of clothing like that, I would feel very guilty :/

  6. lucieliu - I know what you mean. Those big fur coats are worn BECAUSE they are fur, so you could never forget that. But I see your point about accessories. They just form part of the over-all look anyway!

  7. Shmuberry - right, the people who complain about fur but wear leather really need a reality check. I must admit that I don't know which brands take care of the animals that they use. You should write a blog post about that!

  8. さらまり - I think you're right on the mark with fake fur. You really can't tell the difference, except in the price. And that's a good thing! I suppose some people would want real fur because that's more glamorous, but they really need to get their priorities in order...

  9. thanks for your comment

    we hope to go to Japan and dancing there XD

  10. Ran - That's a good plan! If you come, I want to dance with you!

  11. I would not wear real fur. I have no problem with faux fur, but I will not buy real. I don't think animals should be tortured for fashion.

  12. Miruku - I'm considering doing a post like that but I need to do more research~ since it's a touchy subject^^

  13. Lady Kristen - I think most people would agree with you, certainly I'd hate to think of the animals in sustained pain. But if the industry was more regulated, like leather, would you feel different?

  14. Shmuberry - It's definitely worth discussing, but you're right, you'd need to tread carefully. I look forward to reading it if you give it a bash though!