Blog As Bento

12:50 AM

Sometimes my blog feels like a bento box.

It feels like there are lots of little pieces vying for space here and are put together in a way that doesn't always make sense.

Originally I wanted to feature photos of fashion and food in Japan, without betraying too much personal information.

However, there were so many more things that I wanted to share and I couldn't keep my own voice neutral.

I took the photo above at this year's Sapporo Snow Festival.

It's a giant bento (Japanese lunch box) sculpted from ice and filled with cartoonish food.

This whimsy of this picture really sums up why I love Japan.

I think I have become a little too used to life here and forgotten how totally unique so much of it is.

So, from now on I will be posting more photos from my travels around Japan.

I don't mean holiday snaps.

I want my blog to be about more than superficial trends, because that's only one part of life in Japan.

From now on I'm going to show you the rest.

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  1. so cute!! i hope one day i can go to sapporo too!!! and thank you so much♥

  2. You post whatever you like, and I will enjoy reading it so much! I sometimes feel like that too about my blog, but I just keep doing what I feel is right.

    The photo is really cute! And it has such low calories hehehe^^

    I'm really looking forward to your future posts about your travels!

  3. I agree with さらまり =) A lot of time you get caught up with writting about fashion and reviews and you forget to write about things that you really want to write about =)Besides~ travels are awesome! =D

  4. I'm looking forward to new posts about Japan :33

    and that pic is so cute <3

  5. Shanna - Sapporo is a really nice place. In Summer you can see beautiful flowers, in Winter you can see the Snow Festival. I think it's one of the most interesting places in Japan.

  6. さらまり - Thanks for your support! I really like the way you write informative posts with personal elements. The bento is amazing, right? If we added snow cone flavouring it might be edible....!

  7. Shmuberry - Also, I'll be less likely to spend all my money on clothes if I'm not writing about them everyday, haha! Gotta consider that too!

  8. Rii - thank you! I'll do my best to make them informative and fun!

  9. Haha, bento boxes are awesome! Speaking of bento... you are making me hungry for Japanese food!


  10. Teresa - sorry! Well, this is a good chance to eat Japanese food then, yay!