Queen of Hearts

12:50 AM

The time! The time! Who's got the time?!?!
For a long time I looked at expensive watches.

I couldn't choose between brands, colours, styles...everything!

Gold, silver, black, brown, pink, classic, modern, edgy - it was hard to find a watch that would suit every look.

Instead, I decided to buy a number of cheaper watches that I could use depending on my mood.

Throughout all of Japan (all of the world in fact), I have never found a better accessory shop than Bunkaya Zakkaten.

As you can see from the link, the shops are totally haphazard.

They are also full of secret treasures.

I make no secret of my love for Alice and playing card motifs.

So this watch was perfect for me.

It cost about 1000 yen and hangs off a silver chain.

There were other characters available, but nothing beats the Queen of Hearts.

This watch also makes a lovely necklace in it's own right.

It's very useful when I want to wear bangles or rings.

It opens by clicking the top knob and there is a small mirror facing the numbers.

I think this watch is quite unusual, although I have seen timepiece necklaces around.

I definitely recommend them as a fun way of avoiding the big-brand watches!

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  1. Oh wow, Bunkaya looks like a really great shop to look around and would need lots of rummaging time. Love the little necklace watch, so cute. I have one similar from Hong Kong!

  2. I don't use watches at all, but the one you found is very lovely and interesting. Those shops look very neat as well!

  3. Winnie - I think Bunkaya gets a lot of stuff from China, so it might very well be the same one! God bless the far east and their amazing designs <3

  4. さらまり - I used to just use my phone instead of a watch, but I can't really use that in work. Looks like I'm slacking off! And any excuse for new accessories is fine by me!

  5. love it! does that shop has an online store?

  6. Riechan - I don't think they have an online store, it's not very big. Sorry!