Coffee With Style

12:50 AM

More than just a simple cup of coffee...

Today I want to introduce you to Hoshiyama,  a small coffee chain in Sendai.

Although the chain is small, everything else about Hoshiyama is grand...especially the prices.

All tea and coffee is over 1000 yen, which is pretty crazy.

But I have to say - it's worth it.

I had never been to Hoshiyama because of the prices, but luckily my Japanese friend took me there for my birthday last month.

Living in Japan, you get used to great customer service and a lot of bowing.

Hoshiyama staff however, go all out - fully horizontal bows from the waist. A first for me.

The interior is like a European hotel of 100 years ago and is decorated with over 1000 cups made from beautiful china.

The real selling point of the cafe for me is that each cup is (allegedly) unique.

When you place your order, the staff consider what you're wearing and match the cup to your outfit!

Isn't that amazing?

Unfortunately, that day I was wearing a white diamante skull t-shirt, denim and lace hot pants and white fishnet tights, so I didn't really fit the bill.

They gave me the cup pictured above, which I think looks young and refreshing, so it kind of works.

My friend was wearing dark purples and reds.

This was her cup:

The colours matched perfectly.

Needless to say, the coffee was delicious.

I don't really mind drinking cheap/instant coffee, but I could really appreciate the difference here.

It's not somewhere I could afford to go to every time I want a coffee.

However, with a different beautiful cup each time and a high-quality blend, it's worth going to savour the experience.

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  1. Oh I can't drink coffee because it just makes me more thirsty and fat (since I need cream and sugar)

    But that is so interesting how they match the cups to the customer like that. It sounds very lovely.

  2. Wow I love the sound of this place, especially that they match you to a teacup, so cute! I've heard that tea/coffee tastes better in China and these cups look amazing.

  3. さらまり - aha, I was like that until I started working fulltime. Now I find it hard to stay awake in the mornings without a cup of black coffee :( But Hoshiyama also serves tea, so you could enjoy it anyway!

  4. Winnie - I don't know if the drinks ACTUALLY taste better or it just seems that way because the over-all experience is improved. It really adds a touch of class though!

  5. That sounds so amazing~ I really love coffee, and matching cups to your outfit is so original. It seems like it's worth the money~

  6. Pony - I agree! It was expensive, but tasted so good and looked beautiful. I want to go back again!