How To Get A Summer Wardrobe

12:50 AM

It's easy - pure luck.

Firstly, forgive the creases in the clothes - I left them in the shopping bags while I went to Naruko so I could enjoy opening them when I came home.

After I bought my new camera last Friday, I wandered around the shops and happened to go into E-beans, which is like Sendai's own mini-109.

I was surprised to see a huge new shop had just opened inside - g.u.

At first I was confused.

It looked exactly like Uniqlo, but all of the designs were different.

Sure enough, when I got home I went online and found out that the two brands are owned by the same company.

Anyway, because the Sendai branch had just opened, there was a massive sale.

I managed to buy the basics for my Summer wardrobe at a fraction of the price it should have been!

Rock Star Mickey - 990 yen

I really liked the character t-shirt trend, but was always trying to find something a little bit different. Rock Star Mickey isn't overly Disney and the luminous colours are so funky.

Tasty Dessert t-shirt - 490 yen

It has the same 80's retro colour scheme as the Rock Star Mickey t-shirt. It looks soooo good with frilly ra-ra skirts.

Chiffon Print Tunic - 1,990 yen

A little more expensive than the rest but this thin material is perfect for Summer. I walk to work everyday so anything that keeps me cool and doesn't show sweat marks is a win for me!

Tulle Lace Skirt - 1,490 yen

Again, a little bit more expensive but so light. The black poofy material looks good with fitted tops and it's just long enough to wear to work.

Tiered Skirt - 990 yen

This was a real bargain. I love the classic polka dot print. This will never go out of style!

Chiffon Print Cami-One Piece - 1,990 yen

Is it a dress, is it a top? The beauty of this piece is it's versatility. I can wear it with trousers for work and just as it is for play. Again, the material is so light that my skin can breathe easily.

Magic Knit Cardigan - 990 yen

I was lucky to get this as it was one of the shop's main coordinates for the season. When I took one to try on they were a few left. When I was leaving they were all sold out! This came with a coordinate book explaining the many different styles of wearing it. That's a nice touch, I think.

Asymmetric Tiered Skirt - 990 yen

This is my favourite piece from the haul. It's short, cute and playful. I wore it with the Rock Star Mickey t-shirt and a pink headscarf for a fun retro luck. Love this skirt!

Men's Black and White Snakeskin Belt - 390 yen

I didn't realise it was a men's belt when I bought it, now I don't care! I always think that belts are too expensive so I was pleased to get this. I guess it's a credit to the designers of Japanese male clothing!

Total:  10,310 yen

I love brand names, but I can't afford to stock my whole wardrobe with them.

The important thing is to buy versatile pieces at a low cost, then team them up with something more high fashion.

I'm already looking forward to mixing and matching all of these items.

I was really lucky that I happened to find that shop as it was having the opening sale.

However, I consider it a reward for being a dedicated shopper!

Now...bring on the sun!

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  1. miruku!! Thanks for following my blog. I'm trying to save up to get to Japan right now. I'm so envious of you!

  2. very nice! i shall have to visit when i move back!

  3. Keely - no problem! I hope you can visit here someday soon! <3

  4. Yumeko - Not only nice, but cheap! It's definitely worth a look whenever you are back in Japan.

  5. Oh wow, I think you got some really lovely pieces, I especially love ALL your skirts!

  6. love the spotted skirt!!!<3
    vicki xo

  7. I am a huge Mickey fan and that t-shirt is adorable! Looks like you had a great shopping trip. =D I'm with you on the mixing and matching. It's so much more fun too!

    P.S Thanks for being so sweet and answering my q! Very cool. Would love to visit one day!

  8. I love that dessert shirt, dessert is my favorite meal. (Yes, it's own meal, which should follow every other meal haha)

    You got a lot of great pieces for your money. Like you said having lots of versatile items mixed with statement pieces is the best^^

  9. I'm in love with the chiffon print tunic and the one piece!

    It's a shame I can't find a lot of pretty chiffon pieces here =(

  10. Wow that is such a good fashion set you have there, I was going say which one was my favorite but I like them all! It makes me want to go shopping!!

  11. Winnie - I really missed skirts, or at least bare-legged skirts, during the Winter. I'm so happy to wear them now!

  12. Vicki - Me to, haha. Thanks!

  13. Shop N' Chomp - No problem, it's a beautiful place! Let me know if you ever go!

  14. さらまり - I'm with you on the dessert love! I suspect wearing it on my chest will result in constant cravings though!

  15. Shmuberry - Well, I think a lot of discount clothing stores do chiffon-style pieces because they don't require much material. Maybe you'll get lucky there!

  16. Rayelle - If you feel the urge, indulge it!

  17. I love all of these!!! I would match the tasty t shirt with the black lace skirt, but that's just me. ^_^ the vintage-inspired style is everywhere, i love it, but sometimes it's repetitive.

  18. I think that's a good combo. I really like fitted t-shirts with poofy skirts, simple but effective!

  19. What a hit post miruku! I love these looks, my fav has to be the romper! and I agree with finding character tees that aren't overly obvious, I got a snoopy one but he's wearing a mask, very cute! and all your looks are very versatile!

  20. You know, I used to think character clothes were totally outrageous and pushing the limits. Now everyone is wearing them though! It doesn't mean that the trend is finished, it just means that it's up to people like us to go the extra mile!