A Taste of Disney

12:50 AM

Bite me.

TGI Friday!

A full day of work and social obligations (albeit fun ones) have left me in a zombie-esque state of mind.

I think I need a holiday to recover from my holiday!

I don't have the energy to write too much tonight, so let's just focus on the food from TDL.

I went to the Disneyland in Paris when I was young, but I don't remember much.

I've never been to any other Disneyland so I can't compare food, but TDL's dishes were lovely.

Breakfast was in the Great American Waffle Company.

The picture above is Maple Syrup Mickey.

This one is Chocolate and Cream Mickey.

The next meal (of many) was in the charmingly classical Plaza Pavilion Restaurant.

We both had the special, cheese-filled steak.

There was NO WAY I was leaving the park without eating in the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.

The decor was stunning, a perfect Wonderland.

The food was gorgeous too. We weren't hungry, so just had deserts.

Cheshire Cat Roll Cake

Panna Cotta in a souvenir cup.

Not quite food, but I loved this tray!

Finally we had dinner in the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Honestly we were both stuffed by then but it was so romantic that we couldn't resist!

Mr Miruku's avocado and salmon starter.

My vegetable and quail egg soup.

Never-ending supply of bread.

Creole steak.

Dessert of fruit on shortcake with sweet cream cheese egg.

Oh my goodness, we ate so much!

Well, I guess it's ok one in a while and we did walk an awful lot that day.

I almost feel guilty, but I don't regret a thing - HAH!

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  1. What lovely food! Looks so damn yummy, too!!!
    Once in a while, it is okay to eat so much! :-))

  2. yummy! i know this waffels. i had one with marple sauce in disneyland tokyo. in paris the don't offer such delicious and cute food.

  3. that steak looks amazing, I'll never be able to become a vegan at this rate gah! yummy yummer yummy!

  4. i just.. really need to eat right now ._.

  5. It all looks soo good ♥ I hope I get to eat some Disney food in Japan ♥

  6. Looks so yummy....linked this in my Weekly Wrapup!

  7. awww im jealous!~ XD
    the food looks so yummy!!

  8. Those desserts all love good!! Me want ^^

  9. Thanh Thao - Yeah, it was worth it! As long as I don't make a habit of it, haha

  10. Connys World - That's to bad it can't be found in Paris. Everyone should eat this!

  11. Bianca - Are you trying to go vegan? I used to be vegetarian for a few years when I was younger. Then I took a trip to Italy and the food, oh God, the food!

  12. Saving Capulet - I hope you got some food :)

  13. Emmelie ♥ - I'm sure you will get the chance, please enjoy it!

  14. HANA - Thank you for linking :)

  15. cin-cin - It tasted even better!

  16. Riechan - I wish I could have spent a day just eating the desserts, yummy!

  17. Riechan - I wish I could have spent a day just eating the desserts, yummy!