12:50 AM

Back from Tokyo!

I can hardly keep my eyes open...

This is just a short post to give you a taste of Tokyo Disney's Easter Festival.

The theme is Easter Eggs, of course nothing religious, and they're really pushing Alice.

Before I even went to Tokyo my friend gave me this strap as a very late birthday present.

A bejewelled Alice and the White Rabbit.

My friends know that I love Alice, so it was worth the wait for this.

As you can imagine, my stay in Tokyo was short but awesome.

Photos of TDL and purchases will come soon.

Thanks for still commenting even though I was away <3

I'll respond to each and everyone of them over the weekend and catch-up on all of your lovely blogs <3

Now time to sleep before work in the morning...ugh....

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  1. yay! pics pics! I love pic spams, and if they're about Tokyo, they get even better! hhaah

    Get lots of rest! ^^

  2. Oh I went to DisneyLand during their Easter Celebration as well (I wish I could have gone with you XD), I love how Easter last for like 3 months in the Disney universe haha!

    I can't want to see all your photos! XD

  3. Can't wait for the pictures ^^
    I love the strap! =P

  4. Omg, too cute! Great to hear you had a fun time in Tokyo. Can't wait to see your pics! =D

  5. I totally love disney Land, but the one in Paris wasn't that nice! I'm sure to go to Tokyo Disney this time! :-))

    I'm glad you had a nice time! Can't wait for your posts to come! :-))

  6. haha i got confused at first when you mentioned easter and double checked the date of the post! XD

    cute strap btw :)

  7. I have never been to Disneyland before (Not even the Paris one which is about 5 hours away by car...) *jealous*
    @cin-cin: I did the same thing XD I was like: hu? easter? *check date* it's June?! :D

  8. Sasa - I hope you're enjoying them then!

  9. さらまり - It was lovely, wasn't it?!?! Someday let's go together!

  10. LexiTokyo - The strap is a bit big and awkward, but I love it!

  11. Shop N' Chomp - Tokyo fun is the best kind of fun, but also the most tiring!

  12. Thanh Thao - I loved Disney in Paris! I was pretty young at the time though, so maybe that's why!

  13. cin-cin - who are we to question Disney?!?!

  14. Riechan - You should try to visit the Paris one! It's lots of fun!