12:50 AM

Dark brown bags mean one thing in Japan...

...lingerie shops!

Recently I went looking for some nightwear for my Tokyo trip.

I was aiming for "oh really? Is this seductive? I hadn't noticed - I was just trying to stay cool in the heat".

If you know what I mean ladies ;)

So here is another shop recommendation - Pinky Magic.

It can be hard shopping for underthings (as a curvy Westerner) in Japan if you don't know where to look.

It's too easy to get swamped in frills and padding.

Pinky Magic carries a good range of sizes and I have been able to buy tights, leggings, bras, panties and other unmentionables in there.

They do sexy, sweet and practical - something of a rarity.

When I went in the other day everything was 20% off, so I "invested".

No-leg socks - what do you call these anyway? 3 for 1050yen.

Normal ankle socks, also 3 for 1050yen.

And, the real reason I went in in the first place, haha.

Free pouch - I now have versions of this in red, blue and green. No more please! I use them for DS games, haha!

Even though Sendai is pretty international, the staff were all like "OMG blond hair" when I went in.

That can be irritating but the girls were sweet so they managed to convince me to sign up for a loyalty card.

It was free so I didn't mind, but now I realise that I don't know what the benefits are!

Oh well, I guess I'll have to back for more stuff to find out!

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  1. Everything's so cute!
    Japan cerainly is the place of socks and underclothes! They cover all ranges of ages, tastes, gender and ideology...

    I'm curious now what are your privileges for being a member XD you should go back and ask!

  2. Btw, I already sent your package, so it should be there in a week at max! :3

  3. Cute! I bought some nightwear as well the other day and my theme was similar~ "I hope you don't mind but it's summer and it's really hot~" haha

  4. You got cute items! I guess I am lucky that I'm not "curvy" on top haha! For me it's like oh yeah bring on that padding haha^^

  5. hahaha I thought it meant tampons or pads!

  6. The itmes are really lovely! So next time i see a brown bag, I will have to think of your post, hahaha!

    I really love shopping lingerie in Japan, since I'm Asian and not curvy, and it is not easy to find some fitting stuff in Europe! XD I guess I had better move to Japan soon, hahaha!

  7. Haha about the free pouches!! I have a ton of those too thanks to magazine freebies!

  8. Sasa - Actually, I think Japan is not so good for this, especially if you don't like cutsy styles. But at least this shop has many options!

  9. Sasa - I'll let you know when it comes!

  10. Shmuberry - what a coincidence, haha. Poor us, in the heat ;)

  11. さらまり - In that case Japan must be the best shopping place for you! Everything is padded! I have so much pads that I have removed from clothes...

  12. mr. pineapple man - maybe next time ;)

  13. Thanh Thao - You will have so many lovely choices when you come here. Lucky!

  14. Bianca - They're kind of useful but kind of annoying, right?

  15. Um...I've seen those no-leg socks in daisco but have no idea what it's for... Is it to prevent your feet from shoe bites?