Deco Update

12:50 AM

I finally finished my phone!

It took a while to do.

The glue dries reasonably fast but I don't have much free time when I don't need my phone available, so finding a moment was hard.

Anyway, I changed it from the original plan.

The pink cream swirls lasted about 5 seconds in my bag.

I decided to replace them with macaroons, I think they're cuter anyway.

I also found the same kind of pink gems to cover the rest of the area.


I guess they're not the most realistic looking ones ever, but I still wanted to eat them! 


A close-up of my finished phone.

In real-life most people don't like my phone.

It's split this way - Western men hate it.

Western girls and Japanese guys are hit and miss.

Japanese girls love it.

I guess that's fair!

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  1. The final result is adorable!!

    I've always had the same type of reaction on anything that I decoed! Doesn't really matter, as long as I like it =)

  2. Macarons! the perfect touch! haha

    The most important thing is that you like your phone XD the rest doesn't matter 8D

  3. cute result! I had the same things, I did my cellphone (not so sweet as you but I had glitter and a marble and some pearls and shells, there should be a picture of my phone on my livejournalblog) and I showed it to my friends (girls) they didn't like it that much. Although 2 (also into japan and stuff) said it was cute :) and my brother thought it was weird but cute :D

  4. Cute!
    You did a good job!
    And omg that macarons looks so delicious :333

  5. Oh it's so cute! I love sweet deco^^ And those macarons don't have to look realistic because they are so cute.

    Who the heck cares what western men think anyway? XPPPPP~~~~ To them haha!
    And you can put this western woman in the "love it" category hehe.

  6. ah it looks great. i really like decoden :)

  7. Such a cute deco!! I had once bought a lot of cute stones, but never used them , I think I'm too uncreative to make it as nice as you, hahaha!

  8. Shmuberry - I guess with deco you either love it or hate it...oh well!

  9. Sasa - I think macarons improve anything! I'm really happy with them!

  10. Riechan - That's cool! I like your brother's comment the best. It's probably the best way to describe deco!

  11. Rii - Every time I use it I want to eat it, haha!

  12. さらまり - I'll add you to the list ;) Thanks for your kind words!

  13. Connys World - me too, so much fun!

  14. Thanh Thao - you should use them! try anything!