Beauty Is Only...

12:50 AM

...Skin deep? Maybe...

Either way, it's important to take good care of our skin, right?

Our skin is our largest organ (thanks Grey's Anatomy) and if it looks bad, no amount of make-up can fix it and still look natural.

So the basics - fresh air, water, enough sleep.

Those apply to everyone. The rest varies from person to person.

Personally, I'm lucky. I don't get blemishes very often so my skin is usually clear, needing little or no make up.

But that doesn't mean that I don't WANT to use make up.

And if it goes on, it has to come off - so here's what I use now.

Roc Endrial Dermo Clensing Lotion.

This was a shot in the dark really.

After I bought BB Cream, I figured I needed a serious make-up remover.

I was already in the shop when this thought struck me, so there was no time to check online reviews.

Instead, I went with a tried and trusted international brand.

Soft and smooth.

This gets and A ++++++++++ from me.

It goes on very easily, with not much needed to cover your whole face.

It really gets all the make-up off very well, even tough stuff like eyelash glue.

Best of all, it leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh afterwards.

As my dad says "smooth as a baby's bum"!

I don't use Roc everyday though...

Ponds Black Clean Facial Foam

Used to remove "everyday" make-up.

I bought this when black cleansers were all the rage last year.

I had tried a similar product (for men) in my boyfriend's house and the thought of covering my face in black stuff appealed to the kid in me!

Recently, I noticed that it's a lot cheaper now than it was when I bought it - maybe it's not selling well?

Tempted by making a black mess?

This has its good points and bad points.

On the plus side, it's a nice cleanser, foams well and there's a lot in the tube.

It also has a lovely fresh after-feeling.

On the minus side, it BURNS!!!

Sparkly silver pain!

It's fine on my skin but if even the tiniest bit gets in my eyes, it's a nightmare.

I don't have particularly sensitive eyes so I was very surprised and disappointed because it makes it hard to use for eye make-up.

For that reason, I can't recommend it and will be looking for a replacement when this tube is done.

Shiseido Hadasui Skin Water

This is my "can't live without" product I suppose.

I don't know exactly what's in it, but it's a kind of mineral water.

You can put it on your skin or hair or anything.

Some of the many uses.

I use this in the morning after a shower and in the evening after I take of my make-up.

Sometimes I wonder if the water really is special, but I honestly believe it's great for hydrating my skin.

I started using it in Winter when my heater was making my skin so dry, it'll probably be needed again when air-con season kicks in.

I love you.

Those are my three weapons of choice at the moment.

I can't forget the sundries:

Plastic bottle (100yen shop) for my Hadsui water.

Cotton pads to get at the nitty gritty stuff.

Care Bears face cloth to wash of BB cream, cleaner, etc.

So how does my routine compare to yours?

I assume that mine is pretty simple so I'd like to hear of some really complicated traditions, haha!

Anyone have any product recommendations?

Especially for an every-day cleanser/face wash.

I was thinking of getting something by Biore....?

And don't forget - PONDS BLACK BURRRRNS! 0_0

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  1. Hee hee...I am loving your Care Bears face cloth. Thanks for sharing your routine with us! Well, you know mine already. I've got it up on my bloggy. ;)

    P.S They were just one or two boys in class that I had crushes on...hehe.

  2. i am still a virgin when it comes to bb cream! im such a loser lol

  3. My routine is way too simple every morning! Just cleaning and applying fasial lotion and some little loose powder. No other make-up, hehehe.
    I think I want to use more make-up from now on and could need some advice about that :-))

  4. My routine is pretty simple, I use a Kiehls face wash and then apply a bit of moisturiser...I used to have a big routine but I suppose my routine at the moment really works for me!

  5. my routine is probably over the top but then i do wear an over the top amount of makeup XD

    for quick makeup remover, i reccomend biore cleansing wipes [but i would still wash my face in shower later on]

  6. Shop N' Chomp - The facecloth was a gift from a coworker, heehee. I love Japan where it's acceptable for adults to do this kind of thing. 2 boys that you had crushes on??? Playa!

  7. Saving Capulet - You're not a looser! I bet you have great skin and don't need it!

  8. Thanh Thao - I think if you want to try more make-up, trial and error is the best way to do it. You can get some recommendations online or from a shop assistant, but you won't know until you actually try it. Good luck!

  9. Winnie - That sounds good. I think simple routines are best. Our skin gets hit with enough chemicals everyday, we shouldn't add many more!

  10. Yumeko - I used to love face wipes back home, but I haven't tried Biore's. They are soooo useful for taking off make-up. I might try them, thanks!

  11. HAHAHA Burning silver PAIN..HAHAHA, maybe thats a bad sign...:/..hee hee! that really made my day!

  12. Bianca - Well I'm so glad you enjoyed my misery!

  13. wow the hatsui water soudns great! i'd love to try that!! :D i still got my pimple problem to fix up though :(

    sorry for the late reply. my internet has been on-off lately D:

    here's my email:

    thanks for your help so much! i'll let you know in the email about what my plans are for sendai :)

  14. cin-cin - The water is really good. I've heard it's available abroad in some places that stock Shiseido products, maybe you can find it! I'll email you soon.

  15. Bianca - Well I'm so glad you enjoyed my misery!